Join us at SlatorCon Remote on June 29th for a high impact agenda of strategic insights and actionable ideas delivered by senior language industry leaders, technology executives and enterprise clients.

The presentations will examine the global language industry’s high growth sectors and transformative language technologies like MT, AI, speech-to-speech translation and interpreting technologies in highly focused, 20-minute presentations plus Q&A.

The Presentations and Panel discussions are followed by an opportunity for you to directly engage these thought leaders with your questions, providing you with unparalleled access not available anywhere else.

There will also be ample time for networking and visiting the exhibitor booths before the conference, during the intermission break and after the event, enabling you to make valuable connections and grow your professional network.

Our speaker line up of language industry leaders will discuss Slator’s proprietary research, high growth client verticals, transformative language technologies and best business practices in an agenda full of strategic insights and actionable ideas from across the world.

SlatorCon Remote June 2022 | $150

SlatorCon Remote June 2022 | $150

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Wednesday | June 29

8:00 - 9:00 AM EST (14:00 PM CET)

Pre-event Open Networking & Exhibition

SlatorCon Remote Delegates will be able to visit the virtual Expo, and the Networking Area to meet and video chat directly with each other 1-on-1 in real time.

9:00 - 9:05 AM EST (15:00 PM CET)

Welcome Remarks

Andrew Smart Slator

Andrew Smart

Co-Founder & Commercial Director, Slator

Welcome to SlatorCon Remote! As the language industry supercycle steams ahead, we examine the the high growth sectors and frontier technologies transforming the global language industry.

9:05 - 9:35 AM EST (15:05 PM CET)

New Growth Paradigms to 2025 and Beyond

Slator's Florian Faes at SlatorCon Amsterdam 2019

Florian Faes

Co-Founder & Managing Director, Slator

  • Parsing the 2022 Language Service Provider Index
  • Insights from the 2022 Language Industry Market Report
  • Language Industry M&A State of Play
  • Media, Streaming, and the Great Localization Convergence
  • Does Amara’s Law Apply to Machine Translation?
  • PEMT or Balancing Commodification and High-Value-Add Service
  • Now Hiring! The Most in-Demand Language Industry Jobs

9:35 - 10:05 AM EST (15:35 PM CET)

CEO Keynote Presentation

Laura Fernandez Supertext

Laura Fernández

CEO Corporate Solutions, Supertext

Lindsay Hong COO Locaria

Lindsay Hong

Chief Operating Officer, Locaria

Esther Bond Slator

Moderator: Esther Bond

Research Director, Slator

More Panelists to be announced shortly.

  • Volume vs. value in advertising and marketing
  • Working with ad agencies and end-clients
  • Resourcing for creativity
  • The role of technology in creative briefs
  • Multilingual content origination

10:05 - 10:35 AM EST (16:05 PM CET)

Technology Panel

Cyril Drabinsky Deluxe

Cyril Drabinsky

Chief Executive Officer, Deluxe Entertainment Services

With over a century serving the entertainment community, Deluxe occupies a unique position in the distribution ecosystem. Cyril Drabinsky, in his speech, will focus on: 

Transformation of Global Content Distribution and the Role Localization Plays

  • How delivering premium Media & Entertainment content has evolved
  • The opportunities and challenges emerging from the explosion in local language production
  • The role of the partner experience in shaping a changing business

10:35 - 11:00 AM EST (16:35 PM CET)

Networking Break, Exhibition & Group Discussion

Delegates can network on the Hopin platform through direct requests and a popular speed-networking approach. Delegates can also visit the virtual Expo and meet with leading language solution providers.

In a breakout session, a moderated group discussion will be hosted by Tarjama. SlatorCon Remote Delegates are invited to join the discussion and ask questions.

Leveraging Asia (with India focus) for Engineering and Project Management

Sunil Kulkarni Fidel Technologies

Sunil Kulkarni

President, Fidel Technologies

Mandar Inamdar Fidel Technologies

Mandar Inamdar

Chief Operating Officer, Fidel Softech

Andrew Smart Slator

Moderator: Andrew Smart

Co-Founder & Commercial Director, Slator

11:00 - 11:30 AM EST (17:00 PM CET)

Lead Partner Presentation

Nic McMahon CEO ULG

Nic McMahon

CEO, United Language Group

Digital Marketing Transformation

As global marketplaces grow increasingly competitive and AI becomes more prominent, there is an extraordinary opportunity to drive value beyond words alone and realize our true potential as an industry. We need to evolve to focus on the outcomes that technology, language, and culture can enable. In this presentation, we’ll provide examples of how we have helped drive measurable improvements for our clients in the healthcare, insurance, and manufacturing industries using this three-pronged approach.

Attendees will hear a new perspective on:

  • What is needed to focus the conversation on the solution instead of “service”
  • How to prepare our industrial teams with the right future skills to adapt to a changing market
  • What AI powered human capital conversion might look like for our industry, one of the very first industries to face it

11:30 AM - 12:00 PM EST (17:30 PM CET)

Enterprise Buyer Presentation

Caiming Xiong Salesforce

Caiming Xiong

VP of AI Research, Salesforce

Digital Marketing Transformation

  • What is a hybrid contact center and why do we need them?
  • Converse – how Salesforce’s AI Research Team made the virtual agent more flexible and easy to build
  • QG, MT, and QA research how it is designed to improve efficiency

12:00 - 12:30 PM EST (18:00 PM CET)

Software Localization Panel

Pascale Tremblay Gap

Pascale Tremblay

Director of Localization, Gap

Theresa Heim-stohler Nike

Theresa Heim-stohler

Senior Operations Manager, Localization, Nike

Jonathan Turpin Esri

Jonathan Turpin

Localization Team Lead, Esri

Mark Hjerpe Intento

Mark Hjerpe

VP of Global Revenue, Intento


Moderator: Andrew Smart

Co-Founder & Commercial Director, Slator

In the e-whirlwind of the last couple of years, we’ve seen global content volumes skyrocket, global teams scattered to the far corners of the earth, and CEOs using terms like “massively multilingual” and, “AI driven global content strategy”.

In the eye of the storm sits the loc manager, more strategic and visible than ever, and in a position of elevated importance to the global enterprise.

In this panel, we’ll bring together loc managers from various industries to discuss how their role is evolving, what they are doing to stay ahead of the curve, and what they see on the horizon.

Moderator to be announced shortly.

  • The landscape of AI-generated content
  • Post-editing of MT, OCR, ASR, and text transformers like GPT-3
  • What’s new on the horizon

12:30 - 13:00 PM EST (18:30 PM CET)

Frontier Technology Presentation

Nora Duong Coursera

Nora Duong

Localization Program Manager, Coursera

Lessons from scaling Riot’s Localization Program

  • A look at e-learning localization: workflow, challenges, learner experiences, international growth
  • How do we measure localization success: prove localization value within the organization, set measurable metrics for the localization team, apply data analysis to assess the contribution of localization to the company’s growth

13:00 -13:05 PM EST (19:00 PM CET)

Closing Remarks

Andrew Smart Slator

Andrew Smart

Co-Founder & Commercial Director, Slator

SlatorCon Amsterdam and Beyond

  • Key takeaways of SlatorCon Remote
  • Special offers
  • Upcoming Slator events

13:05 -14:00 PM EST (19:05 PM CET)

Sessions Rooms, Networking and Exhibition

Delegates can continue their networking, visit exhibitor booths and participate in Partner session breakout discussions.

14:00 PM EST (20:00 PM CET)

Conference Close

SlatorCon Remote June 2022 | $150

SlatorCon Remote June 2022 | $150

Register Now

Buy your tickets today at the Super Early Bird price by May 16th.

There is a discount for group tickets of 3 tickets or more, and you can contact Andrew Smart if you would like to buy more than 5 tickets.

Contact Deppy Nikolaidou if you have any questions about the event including registration and the Hopin platform.

Partners | SlatorCon Remote June 2022

Iyuno - SDI Group logo

Lead Partner

Iyuno-SDI Group is the leading provider of dubbing, subtitling, translation, access and media services to the world's most recognizable entertainment companies.

Panel Partner - Session I

Interprefy is the world’s leading cloud-based remote simultaneous interpretation technology and services provider that enables interpreters to work from anywhere, anytime. With Interprefy, meeting and event participants can enjoy real-time interpreting in their chosen language - in our platform, app, or added to Zoom, Webex & beyond.

Intento Logo

Panel Partner - Session II

Intento is the leading AI integration platform, recognized by Gartner as a 2021 Cool Vendor in Conversational and Natural Language Technologies. The Intento AI Hub opens up direct access to over 40 MT engines, advancing the workflows of global businesses. Seamless integration of existing software and service vendors through a single Intento account enables global companies to translate 20x more content on their existing budgets.

Tarjama logo

Networking Partner

With a mission to help companies realize their potential for global growth, Tarjama is committed to delivering smart language solutions that meet international standards of quality, speed, and cost-efficiency. It offers an end-to-end range of AI-powered language services including translation, localization, interpretation, content creation, transcription, subtitling, and strategic advisory.

Deluxe logo


As the world’s leading multidisciplinary service provider, Deluxe underpins the media and entertainment industry, servicing premium content creators and distributors. From Global Cinema, Content Distribution, Localization, and Mastering to end-to-end innovation and scale across Streaming, Theatrical, Broadcast and Mobile landscapes, Deluxe helps clients succeed in the new era of global entertainment and consumer engagement anywhere, anyway.

Lilt logo


Lilt is the world's #1 AI-powered language service provider. The Lilt platform empowers global enterprises with human-powered, technology-assisted translations to scale their translation programs, go-to-market faster than ever, and improve the global customer experience.



NAATI is responsible for setting, maintaining and promoting high professional standards for the translating and interpreting industry, and is the only organisation in Australia to issue professional credentials to translators and interpreters. Our vision is for a connected community without language barriers.


SocialSEO, ranked the “#1 Digital Marketing Firm in America”, provides the full range of Digital Marketing services. With over 20 years of experience, we have the skills, knowledge and experience needed to provide a true partnership for all your Digital Marketing needs.