SlatorCon Remote on September 8th will deliver a high impact agenda of strategic insights and actionable ideas delivered by senior language industry leaders, technology executives and enterprise clients.

The presentations will examine the global language industry’s high growth sectors like media, gaming and ecommerce; and transformative language technologies in highly focused, 20-minute presentations.

The Presentations and Panel discussions are followed by an opportunity for you to directly engage these thought leaders with your questions, providing you with unparalleled access not available anywhere else.

There will also be ample time for networking and visiting the exhibitor booths before the conference, during the intermission break and after the event, enabling you to make valuable connections and grow your professional network.

Join us on September 8th to network with language industry executives, technologists and end-clients from around the world, and take away the critical market knowledge to help your business compete and grow.

Wednesday | Sept 8

8:30 - 9:00 AM EST (2:30 PM CEST)

Pre-event Open Networking & Exhibition

SlatorCon Remote Delegates will be able to visit the event virtual Expo, and the Networking Area to meet and video chat with each other in real time.

9:00 - 9:05 AM EST (3:00 PM CEST)

Welcome Remarks

Andrew Smart Slator

Andrew Smart

Co-Founder & Commercial Director, Slator

Welcome and Opening Remarks

9:05 - 9:35 AM EST (3:05 PM CEST)

Emerging Opportunities in the New Supercycle

Slator's Florian Faes at SlatorCon Amsterdam 2019

Florian Faes

Co-Founder & Managing Director, Slator

  • How Financial Investors are Accelerating M&A
  • The Service vs Technology Question
  • Capturing Growth in Video Localization
  • Frontier Language Tech. An Update.

9:35 - 10:05 AM EST (3:35 PM CEST)

Four Decades Working with Governments: Lessons for the Language Industry

Joshua Gould CEO thebigworld

Joshua Gould

Chief Executive Officer, thebigword Group

  • Why is government essential for the language industry
  • Successfully capturing and implementing government contracts
  • Expansion through partnership

10:05 - 10:35 AM EST (4:05 PM CEST)

How Pinterest built an Internationalization Team to drive Global Strategy

Francesca Di Marco Pinterest

Francesca Di Marco

Internationalization Lead, Pinterest

Digital Marketing Transformation

  • Building a global strategy: how to leverage international users’ feedback
  • Building an Internationalization team: the DNA of a team that can drive global strategy
  • What do tech companies want: sourcing and skill sets as a future challenge

10:35 - 11:00 AM EST (4:35 PM CEST)

Group Discussion: How to Get in On the Fast-Growing Interpreting Market – OPI, VRI and Telehealth Growth for LSPs

Bryan Forrester Boostlingo

Bryan Forrester

CEO, Boostlingo

Andrew Smart Slator

Moderator: Andrew Smart

Co-Founder, Slator

Moderated Group Discussion hosted by Boostlingo. SlatorCon Remote Delegates will be invited to join the group, express views and network.

10:35 - 11:00 AM EST (4:35 PM CEST)

Networking, Discussion & Exhibition

The Hopin platform provides Delegates with 3 different ways to network, including direct requests and a speed dating approach. There will also be a Networking partner breakout session and a virtual Expo with leading solution providers.

11:00 -11:30 AM EST (5:00 PM CEST)

Cross Border eCommerce Growth – Best Practices from Leading Brands

Yair Tal Blend

Yair Tal


Wayne Bourland Dell

Wayne Bourland

Director of Translation, Dell

  • Global reach for local sellers
  • How to overcome growth challenges when transitioning from local to global
  • The ‘lost in translation’ effect and how can it hurt your brand and reputation [i.e Selling the BLT in Israel]
  • Why localization is critical for maintaining your brand power in new local markets

11:30 AM - 12:00 PM EST (5:30 PM CEST)

Panel: Content Creation in the Age of AI

Jochen Hummel CEO Coreon ESTeam

Jochen Hummel

CEO, Coreon & ESTeam

Michel Lopez E2F CEO

Michel Lopez

Founder & CEO, e2f

Slator's Florian Faes at SlatorCon Amsterdam 2019

Moderator: Florian Faes

Co-Founder & Managing Director, Slator

  • The landscape of AI-generated content
  • Post-editing of MT, OCR, ASR, and text transformers like GPT-3
  • What’s new on the horizon

12:00 - 12:30 PM EST (6 PM CEST)

From One to Many Games

Sarkhan Lyutfaliev Riot Games

Sarkhan Lyutfaliev

Global Director of Localization, Riot Games

Lessons from scaling Riot’s Localization Program

  • Riot Games overview – A mission-focused company
  • Riot’s Localization Program overview & history
  • Loc tooling & platform case study
  • 5 Lessons in leading localization program through change

12:30 -1 PM EST (6:30 PM CEST)

Panel: Video Localization

Fardad Zabetian CEO KUDO

Fardad Zabetian

Co-Founder & CEO, KUDO

Chris Reynolds Deluxe

Chris Reynolds

Executive Vice President and General Manager, Worldwide Localization and Fulfillment, Deluxe

Tom Livne CEO Verbit

Tom Livne

CEO & Founder, Verbit

Esther Bond Slator

Moderator: Esther Bond

Research Director, Slator

The Video Localization Panel will:

  • Explore the full spectrum of video localization services: from dubbing to RSI and from subtitling to live translated captioning.
  • Unpack the opportunities and challenges for video localization providers in media & entertainment, training & education, meetings & events.
  • Discuss the emerging technology at the cutting edge of video localization services.

1:00 -1:05 PM EST (7:00 PM CEST)

Closing Remarks

Andrew Smart Slator

Andrew Smart

Co-Founder & Commercial Director, Slator

SlatorCon Amsterdam and Beyond

  • Key takeaways of SlatorCon Amsterdam
  • Slator’s 2020 client service and subscription model
  • SlatorCon 2020 events calendar

1:05 -2:00 PM EST (7:05 PM CEST)

Sessions Rooms, Networking and Exhibition

Delegates can continue their networking, visit exhibitor booths and participate in Partner session breakout discussions.

2:00 PM EST (8:00 PM CEST)

Conference Close

SlatorCon Remote June 2022 | $150

SlatorCon Remote June 2022 | $150

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Contact Andrew Smart if you would like a discount on 5 tickets or more.

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Partners | SlatorCon Remote September 2021

Blend logo

Lead Partner

BLEND is an end-to-end, AI-powered localization service provider, empowering global brands to establish a native presence in fundamentally different markets, worldwide.

Intento logo

Panel Partner

Intento helps global companies procure and utilize the best-fit cognitive AI services. The Intento Enterprise MT Hub connects MT models trained on multiple platforms with many enterprise software systems. It allows brands to augment their Localization, Content Management, Customer Support and Marketing Operations with AI.

Boostlingo logo

Networking Partner

Boostlingo is a global leader in language interpreting technology innovation and software development. Boostlingo is one of the most widely adopted interpreting management and interpreting delivery systems deployed by language service organizations and across the healthcare/telehealth market today.

Logo of technology and service provider of captions and voiceovers Dotsub


Dotsub is a language company offering products and services to make your online video available to all via captions, translations and voiceover.

Lilt logo


Lilt is the world's #1 AI-powered language service provider. The Lilt platform empowers global enterprises with human-powered, technology-assisted translations to scale their translation programs, go-to-market faster than ever, and improve the global customer experience.


SocialSEO, ranked the “#1 Digital Marketing Firm in America”, provides the full range of Digital Marketing services. With over 20 years of experience, we have the skills, knowledge and experience needed to provide a true partnership for all your Digital Marketing needs.