Smart Connectors Accelerate Your Workflow – an Attached Success Story

XTRF Attached Success Story

As a leading language intelligence agency, Attached is continuously searching for new ways to combine both technical and interpersonal skills in order to obtain optimal results. 

Automation Aims 

Not too long ago, Attached reached out for an automation solution to create a continuous delivery process that required little to no manual handling, in order to translate and implement strings of text for one of their enterprise software clients. 

Thanks to advancements in technology, LSPs now have several ways they can go about this. In this case, Attached preferred to utilize their existing online infrastructure as much as possible. 

Additionally, the company’s client was also keen to keep development and maintenance costs down to a minimum, which presented us at XTRF with a real challenge. 

Magic Touch 

There’s no doubt that this project required a lot of forethought, and the vast expertise of our teams was key in coming up with a viable solution. 

Ultimately, we elected to combine a Smart Connector, including an intelligent workflow embedded within the platform, plus Memsource integration. Put simply, Smart Connectors facilitate fast, predefined project creation, and offer enhanced functionality for target clients who have advanced knowledge of JavaScript. 

The use of this tool eliminated almost entirely the need to both create projects and upload target files upon completion, generating huge savings in terms of time and resources. 

That said, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. To optimize the set-up, Attached’s localization engineering team created an additional macro to take care of some more advanced renaming actions. 

Five Star Service 

The Attached team were able to get their system up and running in next to no time, thanks to the Memsource integrations and the use of XTRF Smart Connectors. This also meant that costs were kept to a minimum for the client and that the job could be completed efficiently by XTRF – really a win-win situation. 

Just like any new system, there were a few hiccups at the beginning, but thanks to the cooperation of the XTRF Support team we were able to iron them out fairly quickly. 

Once again, the flexibility of our translation management system allowed us to help keep Attached’s enterprise software client happy. They’re now able to use an automated localization workflow that does not require any manual handling or monitoring on their side, meaning a quick turnaround for their strings to match their development sprints.