Smartcat Hires TransPerfect’s Benny Orr to Boost Growth and Value

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Smartcat has expanded its international team with Benny Orr, ex-Senior Consultant at TransPerfect. A prominent language industry expert, Orr had been running his first translation company since 1989 before selling it to TransPerfect in 2011, when he had headed the industry giant’s Israeli division.

In Smartcat, Orr’s primary goal will be boosting growth, and the company believes his experience managing and consulting such a large-scale operation, his unique skill set, strategic view, and sales DNA will be of

much help. “In TransPerfect, Benny had been focusing on corporate development and led M&A deals, so he knows the pains and mindset of LSPs of all sizes very well,” says Smartcat CEO & Founder Ivan Smolnikov.

Benny Orr

In driving Smartcat’s growth, Orr plans to focus on developing new and reshaping existing strategies for positioning the company’s products and maximizing value proposition to Smartcat clients. “The challenge for us is to be clever, flexible, and fast enough to grant our clients with business values that make sense to them — and in return have them provide value to us,” says Orr.

According to Smolnikov, it all boils down to strategic vision. “Benny is a true believer in Smartcat’s vision of making the translation industry better for everyone by bringing together companies, agencies, and linguists and streamlining the entire translation workflow,” he says. “So we’ve got exciting times ahead!”