Smartcat Launches LocFromHome As A Regular Online Conference Event

Smartcat LocFromHome

BOSTON, November 24, 2020 – Smartcat has announced the official launch of LocFromHome as a recurring virtual conference for the Translation and Localization Industry.

After holding two successful conferences in April and September this year, Smartcat has decided to make it a staple event for businesses and language professionals all around the world.

Smartcat’s mission with LocFromHome is accessibility, knowledge, and growth: 

We believe that knowledge can be shared from the comfort of our homes, that virtual networking can be just as effective as in person, and that physical borders are no longer obstacles to professional growth.

Smartcat will host three editions of the Global Online Localization Conference in 2021. The first will be on February 10 and will revolve around the topic of “Stronger by sharing”. The second and third conferences will follow in May and September.

LocFromHome will continue to focus on attracting the finest speakers to provide insightful ideas and practical guidance for attendees. For the first edition of the decade, the conference will bring more real-life cases and encourage speakers to provide actionable tips based on their experience and proven methods.

The call for proposals for LocFromHome, Feb 10, 2021 is now open: 

About Smartcat

Smartcat is an all-in-one translation platform that connects businesses and translators to streamline continuous multilingual content creation and delivery. Smartcat’s disruptive business model enables Connected Translation, which brings the $45b translation industry together in a market network where buyers and suppliers can interact, collaborate, and grow. As of November 2020, Smartcat has over 10,000 customers and more than 300,000 registered freelancers in the Marketplace.

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