Smartcat Partners with Braahmam to Bring Indian Translators to Its Marketplace

We’re pleased to introduce our new partner Braahmam, a company offering translation, localization, DTP, QA and testing services in many well-known European, Asian, Middle-Eastern and Indian languages as well as a number of rare languages.

This partnership benefits Smartcat customers as it provides them with access to certified translators who cover a multitude of languages and dialects spoken across India. As part of our agreement, Braahmam has made hundreds of their vetted linguists available for other users right on Smartcat’s Marketplace, and the numbers of translators working in Indic languages are set to grow in the future.

Smartcat has secured a number of partnerships with companies worldwide in recent months. These partnerships allow us to reach local industry participants, who in turn benefit from working with our technology.

As a value-added reseller, Braahmam will help Smartcat bring its technologies to LSPs, freelance translators and end customers in the region. This includes our supply chain management solution, advanced translation automation and collaboration capabilities, and automated billing and payout system.

“Braahmam has partnered with Smartcat to provide the most complex translation/localization solutions on the market. As partners, we firmly believe that continuous and managed localization processes using this unique platform will help customers to improve time to market and overall efficiency in the localization process,” stated Biraj Rath, CEO at Braahmam.

“The partnership with Braahmam presents a great opportunity for companies who are looking for professional translators to localize their content into Indian languages, as it gives them access to hundreds of Indian language professionals covering various language pairs and subject fields. All of these translators have a verified status and some of them are certified by official bodies, so you’re guaranteed to receive high-quality services,” said Ivan Smolnikov, CEO at Smartcat.

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