Smartcat Partners with Into23, Former SDL Exec’s New MLV, to Boost Sales in Asia

Smartcat has recently partnered with former SDL exec’s new MLV, Into23, to boost its sales in India and the rest of Asia.

As a new venture started by Richard Delanty and his team, Into23’s initial focus will be on the Indian market, followed by Asia’s other major markets, including China, Korea and Japan. Specifically, Delanty hopes to work with Chinese smartphone manufacturers pushing into India’s multilingual market by developing a specialization in Indic languages. India has a reputation for being a particularly difficult place to build a supply chain of reliable linguists, Delanty admits. He plans to have an in-house quality team for translation but outsource the majority of work and also subcontract to single-language vendors.

One of the most consequential decisions for any founder of a new language service business is selecting a translation management system and a preferred translation productivity tool. After researching various cloud-based solutions, Into23 has chosen to use Smartcat as both its CAT and supply chain management platform.

The goal for the new MLV is to establish strongly differentiated and positioned language products. Using the Smartcat ecosystem, Into23 plans to sell tailored tech-powered solutions to its end customers.

With its “seat-free” licensing model and powerful open API, Smartcat provides an unbeatable opportunity to create unique integrated solutions for end customers with different workflows and various content management systems. Offering these solutions to end customers and translation companies in India and the rest of the Asian markets is a key driver of the partnership between Smartcat and Into23.

“One of the things I set out for myself to do is to really try to de-SDL how I look at translation. I felt Smartcat was the easiest solution to get up and running. I see Smartcat as a lot more than just a TMS. It’s more of an ecosystem that incorporates a CAT tool, a TMS and supply chain management environment, and various machine translation solutions”, says Richard Delanty, CEO at Into23.

Delanty also praises Smartcat’s marketplace and payment functionality. He recognizes that making small payments to linguists in multiple countries each month is a major headache for a language company starting out but highlights that Smartcat has solved that problem.

Commenting on the partnership, Ivan Smolnikov, CEO at Smartcat, said: “We’re proud that Smartcat is the solution of choice for forward-thinkers like Richard. I am sure with our unique collaborative technology and supply chain management capabilities, his ideas will quickly blossom into a successful business. We also believe that with Rich’s help we can bring new values to many customers in India and other Asian markets”.

An interview with Richard Delanty has recently been published in the Smartcat blog where Richard shares his experiences of getting the company off the ground and exploring business opportunities in Asia.

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