Smartcat Sets Out to Conquer APAC with Into23’s Richard Delanty

Richard Delanty joins Smartcat

Language industry veteran Richard Delanty, who has been running the translation company Into23 for the last three years, has joined Smartcat as an official Technology Partner to spearhead the company’s growth in the Asia-Pacific region. Delanty previously grew SDL’s APAC business from the ground up but over the years has grown confident that Smartcat is the real problem solver for the region as far as translation and localization are concerned. 

“New Asian businesses seeking a global market share see translation as a technical problem to overcome,” says Delanty. “Smartcat’s cloud solution solves the key challenges companies face today by connecting businesses’ content repositories to a global marketplace of translation professionals and a full-fledged workflow solution.”

Delanty further explains that Smartcat’s Connected Translation paradigm is the most effective model so far because it provides businesses with a seamless translation and localization process. By combining a translation management system, machine translation integrations, and a range of automation solutions, it offers a complete “operating system” for businesses and translation teams alike.

“For the modern translation company, Smartcat offers a full business OS without the overhead of pay-per-user license fees. Payment automation makes engaging a translator anywhere in the world easy and affordable. With many translation businesses facing challenging times, Smartcat de-risks their operations and helps them ensure business continuity for their customers.”


Smartcat is building an all-in-one platform connecting businesses and translators into a streamlined content delivery loop. It is changing the way the language industry works by allowing all its players to create multilingual content, non-stop. Smartcat uses a disruptive business model to enable Connected Translation, bringing the $45b translation industry together in a market network where all buyers and suppliers can interact, collaborate, and grow. As of March 2020, Smartcat has more than 100 employees globally.

Media contact:

Bryan Montpetit, Head of Sales and Product Marketing