SmartHalo, Janus Worldwide Partner to Localize and Test a New Smart Device for Bikes

CycleLabs Solutions Inc., the company behind the innovative SmartHalo smart device for bicycles has partnered with Janus Worldwide to deliver end-to-end localization of its software and mobile app into multiple languages, ensuring that its international customers get the same seamless experience whatever the language.

“Our partnership with SmartHalo demonstrates that Janus Worldwide is perfectly placed to offer smart tech & wearable tech companies a solution that not only delivers on localizing software strings, it demonstrates our credibility in the market for localization device testing & QA,” said Steve Higgins, Sales Director Europe at Janus Worldwide.

“After a tremendous success on Kickstarter, SmartHalo is now shipping in over 70 countries around the globe. But having a great product is not enough these days, you need to make it easy for a customer to use it in their own language,” said Xavier Peich, Co-Founder at Smarthalo.

“We chose Janus Worldwide to help us with our international growth because they have a name for quality within the industry, their Global Technology Platform makes handing off projects simple, and by using Janus TermCheck & Subject Matter Experts on the ground in our main target markets they guaranteed quality both linguistically and functionally.”

About CycleLabs Solutions Inc. and SmartHalo

CycleLabs Solutions Inc. created Smarthalo, an innovative biking device for urban cyclists using a minimalist and award-winning circular interface that connects with a smartphone. It shows the quickest and safest paths to the destination, lights the way at night and keeps the bike safe against thieves with its integrated alarm system. It’s the smart biking system cyclists have been waiting for. SmartHalo can be ordered online for 179 USD.

About Janus Worldwide

Janus Worldwide have a 20 year history in the translation & localization services market, founded in 1996 we have 10 global office locations employing 250+ employees. Janus Worldwide is amongst the top language service providers (LSP) in the world, ranked #45 globally & #10 in Western Europe by Common Sense Advisory. We are proud to be ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 17100:2015 certified and our clients are supported by our operations centres across the globe. Janus Worldwide are market leaders in delivering global ready content to the technology sector, expertly localizing software strings, functional & linguistic testing, QA and global App Store Optimization. Let us take your company to a global audience, visit Janus Worldwide or contact us at