Smartling Announces 2019 Merger and Acquisition Strategy

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Company seeks to enhance overall platform services and returns for shareholders.

New York, NY – February 14, 2019 – Smartling, the premier software and language translation services company that established the category Enterprise Translation Cloud, today announces the company’s 2019 merger and acquisition strategy.

Smartling’s Board of Directors and its CEO Jack Welde are looking to the marketplace for businesses that could strengthen the company’s fast-growing software and language services position. The company posted record revenues and growth in 2018, including an increase in language services bookings of 112% year-over-year. With fourth quarter language services bookings having increased 211% year-over-year, the company sees a lot of potential for growth, specifically in this service line.

“Our goal is twofold: to enhance the overall platform capabilities and service offerings for our customers, and to drive a greater return on investment for shareholders,” said Welde. “In the past, we’ve acquired both software and service-based businesses that improved the customer experience and profitability. We are incredibly excited to see what opportunities come our way.”

In 2016, Smartling acquired VerbalizeIt, a company founded by Smartling’s VP of Customer Success, Kunal Sarda, and Ryan Frankel. VerbalizeIt enables language translation for audio, video, and other multimedia content. VerbalizeIt had three investors from ABC’s hit TV show “Shark Tank.”

Also in 2016, Smartling acquired Jargon, a mobile technology company whose software was integrated with Smartling to enable global brands to more easily localize mobile applications. The technology enables customers to easily capture visual context and to perform in-app (and on device) review for iOS and Android applications.

“Smartling’s board and leadership see opportunities for growth in strategic investments,” said Frank Miele, Smartling’s VP of Finance. “Smartling has evolved to become a one-stop-shop, with customized solutions that combine best-in-class technology along with all of the services needed by customers who want to reach a global audience in-language with speed, quality and on-brand localized content.”

Smartling is looking to acquire companies that can supplement one or more of the following areas:

Human translation services (language services providers)

Artificial intelligence / machine learning

Quality assurance applications

Content integrations

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Smartling is the leading translation management platform and language services provider to localize content across devices and platforms. The company created Enterprise Translation Cloud, a data-driven approach to localization, which enables its customers to achieve higher quality translation at a lower total cost. Smartling is the platform of choice for hundreds of B2B and B2C brands, including InterContinental Hotels Group, GoPro, Shopify, Slack, and SurveyMonkey. The company is headquartered in New York, with offices in Dublin and London. For more information, please visit

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