Smartling Announces Upgrades to Drupal and Zendesk Integrations

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Added support for Drupal 9 and overhaul to Zendesk integration simplifies language translation management for global organizations.

NEW YORK, NY – December 2, 2020 – Smartling, the #1 rated enterprise translation management system, today announced significant upgrades to its longstanding Drupal and Zendesk integrations. Smartling’s Drupal integration adds comprehensive support for Drupal 9, the recently released upgrade to Drupal’s content management system. Smartling’s Zendesk integration was re-written on a new code base to enable support for wide-ranging Smartling features that automate the process surrounding human translation. These enhancements enable customers of Drupal and Zendesk to more easily manage web, ecommerce and customer support content at scale utilizing the full suite of Smartling’s translation management and translation services offerings.

Drupal, the Content Management System powering over 1,000,000 websites, recently announced Drupal 9 to make marketing, design and development simpler for their users. Since 2015, Smartling has offered support for Drupal products, and continues to support Drupal 7 Classic, Drupal 8 TMGMT and now Drupal 9 TMGMT. Smartling’s integration with Drupal’s Translation Management Tool (TMGMT) makes it incredibly simple to automatically push and pull content into Smartling’s translation management system without leaving Drupal.

“Drupal is one of the most exciting open-sourced content management systems on the market,” said Dmitry Studinsky, Director of Integrations at Smartling. “I’ve personally worked with dozens of customers to ensure the successful implementation of Smartling within Drupal’s Translation Management Tool (TMGMT) framework and can’t wait to see what the next generation of Drupal users do next.”

Smartling supports nodes, entities, and internationalization strings like menu labels, terms, and more, drastically simplifying the number of developer hours required to work on localization for global websites. Smartling’s integration for Drupal 9 is available today, and more information is available at

Also announced today, Smartling re-wrote it’s Zendesk integration to be hosted on a new code base. Zendesk is the service-first customer relationship management company that builds software focused on enabling customer relationships with support sites and ticketing technologies. The overhaul of this integration enables customers to make more granular translation decisions for content hosted in Zendesk. New functionality offers users the ability to take advantage of job automation, filters, and initiate bulk actions.

“Our Zendesk integration was really good before the rebuild,” said Steven Sorenson, Product Manager at Smartling. “But ‘really good’ isn’t good enough. We rebuilt the entire integration on our new code base so that customers could take advantage of a wider array of Smartling features that are commonplace with Smartling’s other integrations, like a new request translation wizard, bulk content actions, and advanced content filters.”

Smartling continues to support four content types within Zendesk: Categories, Sections, Articles and Dynamic Content. Customers can translate text with human or machine translation, and easily manage image localization at scale. Learn more at

These two integration upgrades are significantly timed. Throughout 2020, the one consistent message across industries has been the rapid development and deployment of tools that transform how businesses compete online. Both Drupal and Zendesk do just that – and Smartling enables mutual customers to scale content powered in these platforms into any language. To learn more about Smartling, please visit

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