Is It a Snake? Is It a Donut? It’s memoQ’s Iconic New Q!

memoQ has just introduced an iconic new emblem and logo. The new brand identity is a consistent set of design elements that help connect memoQ to existing and new audiences.

memoQ offers unparalleled and networked technology solutions to the translation industry. With this in mind, the company was looking ahead and wanted to establish a solid, new visual base for its products and communication touchpoints so that they can build up a consistent design environment.

The new visual brand identity was developed with a digital-first approach, aimed at applications, content-heavy interfaces, high-resolution screens, as well as mobile devices.

memoQ wanted to make communication consistent and build upon the most cherished attributes of the brand: cooperative, innovative, intellectual and technical.

The new visual identity development started with the core notions of translation and cooperation and ultimately decided to retain the emblematic ‘Q’.

So is it a cute snake? A delicious donut? It’s the new ‘Q’ – a bold visual emblem, the essence of memoQ’s new brand identity.

The new logo:

The distinctive orange color in the branding has also been retained from the previous identity, but further primary and secondary colors have been introduced for variability and flexibility. Say hello to Tangelo, Martinique, and Cinnabar!

memoQ carefully handled this change to make sure that the new brand visual will work on different platforms: print, digital, UI design, event and so on. The memoQ Trend Report was where the new logo first made a sneak preview debut and soon everyone will be able to see a wide variety of examples across memoQ touchpoints.

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Sandor Papp