Stepes Expands On-Demand Translations to Game Localization

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Leading software localization service introduces on-demand language translation solutions to help video game companies accelerate game localization.

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov 14—Stepes (pronounced /’steps/), the leader in on-demand localization services, has introduced its next-gen in-context translation solutions to help video game companies accelerate game localization on the cloud. Video game companies can now publish mobile or computer games across multiple languages with quality in record time.

The gaming industry is a USD $145 billion market and companies spend millions each year localizing games into a variety of foreign languages such as Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Korean, and French. However, video game companies have long faced the challenge of accurately translating game text and dialog for international audiences with efficiency. Part of the reason is that there is no easy way for professional linguists to translate text sentences while viewing how they’re used on the actual game screens. Typically, game text strings are saved in an external file such Excel or Word table and translated in isolation. The lack of context causes mistranslations that can be time consuming to verify and fix, leading to prolonged localization cycle and delayed time to market.

Stepes’ video game localization solutions solve the context issue by allowing our professional translators to view the actual game screens in real time while translating, resulting in higher quality translations the first time around. This significantly reduces subsequent localization testing. In addition to that, Stepes has automated most of the nonessential human touch points within the legacy game localization process for further enhanced speed and scalability.

“We are excited to play a role in helping video game companies accelerate international growth with professionally localized games,” commented Carl Yao, Stepes Visionary. “We’re proud to work with some of the world best gaming companies to bring their products to international markets fast.”

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