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Leading cloud translation company launches powerful Translate platform for quality human translations, fast and simple.

SAN FRANCISCO, July 1—Stepes (pronounced /’steps/), the #1 cloud translation service, has announced its on-demand Translate platform for the future of translation work. The new Translate series aims to fill a void left by Google Translate to achieve much higher translation quality, while making the language translation process simple and fast. 

The digital transformation compels companies to deploy multilingual content fast for simultaneous product releases in international markets. Old fashioned, offline translation services are too slow to meet these on-demand, 24×7 translation needs. Google Translate is fast, but lacks sufficient quality for customer facing communications.

Stepes solves these challenges by combining the best of human-machine capabilities to deliver professional translation services at speed and scale. Companies can now drag and drop documents to get them translated in Spanish, Japanese, French, Chinese, German, and many other languages online and virtually. 

“We are pleased to bring another innovative language technology to the localization industry,” commented Carl Yao, Stepes visionary. “The post COVID-19 world accelerates the adoption of simpler, faster, and more cost effective translation services online so companies can stay ahead of the competition in global markets. Cloud translation services like Stepes are ideally positioned to capture market opportunities as enterprises migrate to cloud translation models for better quality, speed, and scale.”

In addition to superior language quality, Stepes Translate also supports translating documents, videos, audios, and images, as well as multilingual desktop publishing, making it one of the most versatile and easy-to-use online translation platforms on the market. 

The coronavirus lockdowns have fundamentally disrupted businesses in many industries and translation is no exception. Compared to offline translation workflows, Stepes cloud translation model is able to better manage multilingual resources virtually from around the world to deliver the most efficient translations solutions. Stepes AI powered translation ecosystem has streamlined the entire online translation process to deliver agile, always-on, and 24/7 localization solutions. 

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Stepes is the world’s #1 cloud translation service for the modern enterprise. Stepes disrupts traditional translation models with on-demand, agile, and continuous human translation services for the digital age. Stepes provides best-in-class online translation solutions for marketing translation, software localization, technical document translation, and website localization in over 100 languages. 

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