Stepes Releases New Translation App That Redefines Global Interpretation Services

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The #1 human-powered translation app enables business travelers and individuals to get local interpretation services in all major cities around the world.


Stepes (pronounced /’steps/), the leader in mobile translations, has released a major update for its flagship translation app that delivers true Uber of Interpretation Services around the world and around the clock. The new app allows businesses and individual travelers to obtain local language interpretation services provided by human translators anywhere in the world.

Translation apps provide on-demand translation services whenever and wherever users need them. They have become an indispensable travel companion for people to obtain language help when communicating with locals who speak different languages. However, until now, most of the translation apps on the market use automatic and mechanical translations that cannot be trusted for certain situations such as business meeting interpretations, medical interpretations, and other language translation requirements where human translators are necessary. The Stepes Translation App revolutionizes language translation on mobile devices and allows people to confidently communicate with customers, business partners, and international audiences by obtaining local professional human translation and interpretation services on-demand.

With the Stepes Translation App, business travelers can call a translator live to translate voices, text, and videos on-demand, or schedule on-site interpretation services in advance for their language service needs. Stepes translators and interpreters are location-based to ensure that they are true cultural experts.

“We are excited to launch the latest release of our Translation App that pushes mobile-powered translation and interpretation services onto a whole new level,” commented Carl Yao, the visionary behind Stepes. “Our quickly globalizing world needs Stepes’ Translation App to scale up quality human language services and meet the rapidly increasing demand for cross-border communication.”

Stepes redefines the age old interpretation services onto a mobile powered sharing economy model. With the latest Stepes Translation App, users can simply push a button to view nearby translators on a map and connect with them to obtain real-time interpretation services. Whether you’re a tourist, an entrepreneur, or a business traveler, the Stepes app guarantees high quality translations available anywhere and anytime.

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Stepes is the the world’s #1 on-demand translation services. Stepes disrupts the traditional translation model to provide agile and professional translation services for the digital age. Stepes pioneered human mobile translation technology to deliver scalable enterprise translation solutions. Stepes location-based translation services allow users to get language interpretation services in all major cities around the world. For more information, please visit