Stepes Translation App Now Supports Document Tags on Mobile

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Translating enterprise content with sophisticated document formatting tags on mobile is finally a reality.

Stepes (pronounced /’steps/), the leader in enterprise on-demand translation services, has announced the launch of its next generation mobile translation technology that seamlessly supports HTML, XML, and document formatting tags for enhanced document translation solutions on all devices.

Modern content management systems (CMS) and authoring software use sophisticated tags to control text format and other document functions. These tags must be preserved during the language translation process to safeguard the integrity of the translated documents. Although many CAT (computer aided translation) tools within the localization industry support document tags, they only do so on desktop computers. Stepes is the first to bring translation of sophisticated tagging controls to mobile devices.

“We’re thrilled to set another industry standard on supporting quality translation of professional documents on mobile devices,” commented Carl Yao, Stepes’ founder. “Being able to handle document tags on mobile will open up numerous possibilities because today’s enterprise content increasingly needs fast and agile translation services on-demand and around-the-clock,” continued Yao.

Stepes launched the world’s first mobile translation platform powered by thousands of professional human translators around the world. Mobile translation allows professional linguists to get instant notifications of new translation requests anywhere and then immediately allows them to translate anytime on their smartphones or desktop computers.
The modern digital economy demands agile translation services with fast turnaround. Desktop-only translation services are no longer enough to meet these always-on and multiple channel translation requirements. Stepes’ all-in-one translation solutions deployed on all devices provides a much-needed solution.

To learn more about Stepes mobile translation solutions, please visit: To download the app, please go to the Apple App Store or Google Play and search for “Stepes translation app”.

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