Stillman Translations Unveils New Services, Backed by The Stillman Factory

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The Stillman Solutions Team group is ready to solve integral communications needs with its two operating companies: Stillman Translations, the 4th largest language service provider in Latin America, and The Stillman Factory, a newly branded marketing agency.

Over the past decade, Stillman Translations has offered linguistic solutions to hundreds of companies around the globe. This experience has inspired the leading management to understand the industry as part of a much bigger spectrum, communications. 

In this spirit, the brand has been working to fulfill its vision: “To be a responsible communications company that combines the best human skills with the latest technology to support, advise, and help organizations to make their ideas accessible worldwide.” 

This is how in 2020 The Stillman Factory, a new marketing agency, was born. Today Stillman Translations and The Stillman Factory are affiliated companies under the Stillman Solutions Team (StST) umbrella. While both companies work independently in their daily operations, they share the same values and high-quality commitment, teaming up to complement their strengths and services.

StST CEO Brogan Taylor explained: “We believe that the addition of The Stillman Factory to our services pool is the right step to proactively address the global communications market.” 

The Stillman Factory is passionate about creativity and new ideas. It designs fully customized marketing strategies, both online and offline. This may include social media management, content creation, SEO, search engine paid advertising (SEM), video editing, and web design, among others. 

Stillman Translations President, Carolina Li Gambi, is thrilled about this collaboration: “We already have a wide range of services such as translations, voice-over, subtitling, managed services, e-learning and software localization. However, we believe that The Stillman Factory association will allow us to offer our clients new end-to-end solutions.” 

Ms. Laura Aguire, a marketer with over 15 years of experience, has been appointed President of The Stillman Factory and is working at full speed with a team of designers, copywriters, and IT professionals. “I’m delighted to be part of this group of companies that focus on customer care, business growth, and people. We are ready to build unique brands with all our clients.” says Laura.

As competition continues to grow in a highly globalized economy, the bottom-line outcome will require both long-term thinking and short-term wins, which is why effective marketing strategies will be key to a company’s success. 

The Stillman Solutions Team group is set to tackle all company communications needs in this new business environment.

About Stillman

Stillman Translations is the 4th largest language service provider in Latin America.

The company works in more than 200 language pairs with a growing multicultural management team made up of professionals from Canada, Latin America and Africa, and a network of more than 1500 linguists from around the world.

Stillman Translations was ranked 1st in sustainable growth within the language services industry over the 2018-2020 period by leading research organization CSA Research. 

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About The Stillman Factory

The Stillman Factory is a fully integrated marketing and communications agency, with a proactive, dynamic, and creative team of professionals who work with a multitude of businesses in nearly every industry, customizing marketing strategies for the achievement of their clients’ commercial and communication goals.

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