Summa Linguae Technologies Welcomes Asier Pereda as Chief Revenue Officer

Summa Linguae Technologies is thrilled to announce a significant addition to our team, Asier Pereda, who will be stepping into the role of Chief Revenue Officer (CRO).

Asier Pereda brings a wealth of experience and a dynamic leadership style, making him an invaluable asset to Summa Linguae Technologies.

From Asier:

I am thrilled to join Summa Linguae Technologies as the new Chief Revenue Officer.

Summa is at the forefront of combining language and technology to deliver innovative data solutions, localization, and managed services to global clients.

The company’s commitment to creating value, agility, and innovation aligns perfectly with my professional values and vision.

About Asier Pereda

Asier joins Summa Linguae with extensive leadership experience from some of the world’s top-tier global tech enterprises, including LanguageWire and Zendesk.

He is a trusted authority in the tech industry. He’s known for constructing high-impact Go-To-Market (GTM) partner operations and delivering significant revenue growth across diverse ecosystems.

His expertise spans various industries and geographical locations, underscoring his versatility and value to our team.

With a hands-on leadership style, Asier fosters collaboration and accountability within high-performing teams.

His proven track record in the dynamic landscape of international tech has allowed him to cultivate a strong network of clients, partners, and peers.

This network, combined with his strategic insights and operational excellence, will play a crucial role in our future growth.

Asier also has deep roots in the tech industry. There, he has successfully navigated and thrived in complex technological landscapes, further enhance his profile.

His ability to leverage cutting-edge technology to drive business growth and streamline operations has been a hallmark of his career.

This tech-savvy approach will be instrumental in ongoing efforts to innovate and stay ahead of industry trends.

As Summa Linguae’s new CRO, Asier will be instrumental in driving revenue growth strategies and fostering strong partnerships across our teams.

His deep understanding of market dynamics and his ability to execute complex strategies will help us achieve our ambitious goals.

We are confident that his experience and leadership will significantly contribute to our continued growth and success.

We are excited about the future with Asier on board. His appointment marks a pivotal moment for our company as we continue to innovate and expand.

Additionally, we believe that with his expertise and vision, we will reach new heights and deliver even greater value to our stakeholders.

Again, from Asier:

The opportunities we have at Summa Linguae are immense. I am particularly excited about our ability to leverage cutting-edge technologies in natural language processingdata solutions, and localization allowing us to meet the evolving needs of our clients and open up new markets worldwide.

Furthermore, the integration of AI technologies in our solutions is a game-changer. Our advanced AI capabilities enable us to handle complex language tasks and data management needs, ensuring that we stay ahead in an industry that is rapidly evolving.

I look forward to collaborating with the talented team at Summa Linguae, our partners and our customers and driving our business forward to achieve new heights. Together, we will continue to innovate and provide exceptional value to our clients worldwide.

So, please join Summa Linguae Technologies in welcoming Asier Pereda to our team as Chief Revenue Officer. We look forward to the remarkable achievements we will accomplish together.

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