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Research & Reports By Slator On 22 Dec 2017

Slator Buy-Side Report 2017

Download Slator's 2017 Buy-Side Report. Structured along industry verticals and featuring 30 buyers in a short profile, the report is a compilation of Slator buyer articles and features information such as buyer name, translation volume and spend, technology, sourcing approach, and other key insights.

Features By Gerard Castañeda On 27 Dec 2016

Language Industry Quotes of the Year 2016

A carefully curated selection of 2016's most salient quotes. We have the CEOs of Lionbridge, TransPerfect, Welocalize, and SDL. The buy-side with PayPal, Nielsen, Swiss Post, and major law firms. And technology from Google, Facebook, Baidu, WIPO, and much more.

Features By Marion Marking On 15 Nov 2016

How PayPal Speaks to Global Customers

Globalization is not regarded as a cost but a revenue driver at USD 9bn online payment company PayPal; Head of Content and Globalization Salvatore Giammarresi on how PayPal localizes into 30 languages and what trends excite him most.

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