Technical QA Tool RIGORA is Released for Limited Alpha-testing Program

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Logrus Global have released Alpha testing for RIGORA 1.0 technical and linguistic quality assurance tool.

RIGORA 1.0 is a corporate-grade desktop utility which allows to perfect the delivery of software translations and XML/Web content. It’s totally rewritten from the former Logrus CheckIt Studio in-house tool, with completely new features including totally new Visual-Studio-like IDE with on-the-fly editing of strings, both project and file-based operation, customizable verification criteria, and much more.

RIGORA 1.0 builds on the results of 25 years of software localization experience of Logrus Global engineering team. It provides an advanced support of false positives and the most advanced series of technical and linguistic checks on localized (bilingual) files with more than 600 pre-configured automatic QA checks, including common checks (punctuation, tags and placeholders, etc.); checks for invalid characters, untranslated source words, for consistency, for prohibited terms; Glossary Adherence Review (GAR) supporting external and customer-specific glossaries; advanced search and replace with conditional parameters, and much more.

The participation in Alpha program is free of charge. Logrus Global engineer helps Alpha tester to configure built-in QA checks, pre-order any customizations of existing QA checks, and pre-order any new QA checks to tailor specific needs. To participate in Alpha testing of RIGORA, please register for 30-day trial: Selected Alpha testers receive dedicated support of development team.

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Logrus Global team of translation, localization and globalization experts is working in the field for more than 26 years now. The team is known for outstanding quality of delivery and service, and famous for its technical and technological capabilities, as well as free tools that are available to the industry.

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