TED Selects CaptionHub as Their Global Subtitling Platform

TED selects CaptionHub as their global subtitling platform

TED, the global not-for-profit devoted to spreading ideas across languages and borders, has a highly engaged global community of 39,000 translators. These volunteers, spread across 160 countries, subtitle 200,000+ TED, TEDx and TED-Ed talks into 115 languages.

With around 3,600 hours of content to caption and translate each year, TED has selected CaptionHub to improve their workflow and efficiency, and to give their volunteer linguists the best possible user experience – wherever they’re located.

The much-awaited launch is the culmination of an intensive multi-month engineering project between TED and CaptionHub, one which delivers the most advanced subtitling platform available to the TED Translator community. In addition to CaptionHub’s powerful translation workflows, TED are also leveraging the platform’s built-in speech recognition and machine translation technologies, for even faster turnaround times.

Other CaptionHub users also benefit from this effort. When enabled, new ‘Self Serve’ workflows allow users to self-assign, edit and review projects, based on the languages they speak. These workflows are available now, to all CaptionHub’s existing Enterprise subscribers.

Tom Bridges, CEO of CaptionHub said: “It’s a genuine pleasure to welcome TED and their huge team of linguists to CaptionHub. We’re proud that such an important institution has chosen CaptionHub to reach an even wider global community via our platform.”

Jenny Zurawell, of TED said: “We’re excited to partner with CaptionHub to provide our volunteers with a platform to create high-quality subtitles quickly. Now, our global audiences can access big ideas faster than ever before.”