TextUnited Updated Plugin Brings TMS Power to WordPress

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TextUnited, a leading cloud-based translation management provider, announces its updated translation plugin for WordPress. Blending their powerful machine translation capabilities with an extensive network of professional translators, the software offers flexible, intuitive website translation that’s simple and fast to use.

With over 30% of sites worldwide running WordPress, this is an exciting update for anyone aiming to create a multilingual website to reach new international markets. The even better news is that TextUnited’s plugin is just as straightforward to use as WordPress itself: its extensive free and paid features are all easily navigable from within the dashboard – no coding needed! Let’s get into some details…

First things first: after installing the plugin and creating a free account with TextUnited, you’ll have over 170 languages at your fingertips. Simply select your source language, then those you wish to translate your content into, and sit back as TextUnited’s highly intelligent Machine Translation technology does the work.

Every effort has been made to ensure this plugin moves flexibly with your pre-existing content. The customisable language selector means your site’s UI won’t be disrupted, and you have total control over which areas of content you want translating into particular languages.

This agility extends to the editorial interface as well – TextUnited’s Overlay Editor means you and your team can adjust machine-translated content in the visual context of your site. We get that handling multiple translations of website elements could become overwhelming, so this feature ensures that the process remains simple and intuitive.

Coding knowledge isn’t needed to run this plugin, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have a fantastic level of compatibility. The updated software runs seamlessly regardless of platform and theme, and works smoothly in conjunction with other WordPress plugins.

We always aim to supercharge our customers’ marketing capabilities – that’s why our updated plugin comes with embedded SEO optimisation. Accessing new international customers goes hand-in-hand with translating your search terms as well as content. Accordingly, TextUnited’s update to the WordPress plugin makes specific allowance for this capability.

All these powerful features are available just a few clicks from your WordPress dashboard, and can help you to truly transform your ability to sell to markets wider than ever before. From within the same widget, TextUnited also offer a paid option to push your translations even further, through provision of their professional translation services.

This option is ideal for more complex sections of content; writing that relies on nuanced contextual knowledge; or simply for when you don’t have time to check machine-generated translations yourself. Through the same easy-to-use WordPress widget, TextUnited links you to their network of over 3000 highly skilled translators. With total control over the sections of text you wish to be outsourced, you’ll be matched with the perfect person for your content type and language combination.

As well as delivering leading quality professional translation, TextUnited can also now deliver fantastic project management services through their WordPress plugin – perfect for larger sites requiring numerous different translations. From a single variable to a sprawling, multi-page, multi-language project, TextUnited can manage your workload from right within the WordPress plugin.

Key to accurate translation is the ability to constantly learn and improve – that’s why our bespoke machine translation technologies are also embedded in this improved plugin. Whether using our fantastic free features, or connecting with translation professionals, from the same interface you can now access our highly intelligent Translation Memory and Terminology Manager technologies. 

Populating a private and secure cloud-based database, Translation Memory stores previous translations in order to speed up future ones. It can also offer upwards of 40% in cost savings! TextUnited’s Terminology Manager runs alongside this, and ensures that technical vocabulary remains consistent across different projects and pages. These capabilities are built into the plugin regardless of the level at which it is used: TextUnited believes that everyone deserves effortless, intelligent translation!

Creating multilingual WordPress sites is now in more demand than ever – TextUnited’s updated plugin brings a fantastic level of agility and customisation to the table. It allows all elements of your site to be sensitively translated at the front end – from the obvious headings and bodies of text to SEO and search terms. It’s the fastest, easiest, and most flexible way to localise your WordPress site, reaching brand new pockets of the market, and instilling even more confidence in your pre-existing international customers.

About TextUnited

Founded in 2009 and based in Vienna, Austria, TextUnited remains the platform of choice for hundreds of international brands. As a centralised translation system, they provide the collaborative translation environment necessary to facilitate frictionless cooperation between technology, professional translators and domain experts. Their solutions enable leading brands to optimize localization, reduce translation complexity and achieve international growth, all on a single platform. For more information, visit www.textunited.com or follow the company on LinkedIn.