TextUnited’s Zendesk Suite Takes Multilingual Customer Experience to the Next Level

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The development of Zendesk-focused deployments comes as an addition to TextUnited’s existing list of advanced translation tools for companies with multilingual needs. Including a plugin and an integration, it will allow clients to elevate their CX models by offering high-quality, real-time multilingual support.

“TextUnited’s innovation lies in a balanced mix of proprietary language technology and the way translation services are organized and delivered.”

Marek Piorkowski, CEO & Founder

Customers want to find solutions to their problems quickly and with minimal effort. Many will turn to Live Chat, expecting an immediate response. Self-service has also been growing rapidly in popularity in recent years, with a 2019 customer service report by Microsoft finding 88% of customers expect brands and organisations to offer an online self-service support portal. A self-service option can benefit both parties; the consumer is able to move forward without the inconvenience of contacting the company, while the brand experiences less pressure on its agents.

Thankfully, 21st-century technology makes real-time customer support entirely possible. 

For companies operating on a global scale, however, the geographical spread of their customer bases comes with its own implications. Given that CX is now considered a major differentiator – even above product and price – brands are increasingly implementing multilingual strategies at various touch-points across the customer journey. In terms of customer support, this means using a CRM that supports multilingual integrations.

TextUnited’s Ticket Translation plugin allows brands to provide instant support to customers all over the world, in over 170 languages. The language of each incoming ticket is automatically detected by the plugin with just a single click. The agent then simply clicks to translate it into their native language, types their response and then clicks to translate it back before sending it to the customer. Companies can begin translating their tickets at no cost by setting up a free account via TextUnited’s website. 

By contrast, the Article Translation integration enables brands to make their support documentation suitable for global use by translating guides and help articles. Thus, linguistic barriers are broken down to make self-service accessible to customers worldwide. Users will also benefit from terminology management, allowing them to define brand-specific terms and, in turn, achieve consistency across all articles in all languages. 

In addition, both tools offer key features such as:

Choice of Translation Methods

Users can either opt for full machine translation, or a combination of machine translation and human review, depending on their individual needs.

Translation Memory

All translations are saved and can be reused again, with any human translations permanently improving machine translations over time.

Intuitive UI

These tools have been designed for agents to start using quickly and easily, including the installation itself which connects via API integration.

Instantaneous Results

A machine option means that translations are available without delay.

TextUnited’s Support Ticket Translation plugin is available for download now via Zendesk’s Marketplace. Connect with one of their solution architects for more information about Article Translation integration.

About TextUnited

Founded in 2009 and based in Vienna, Austria, TextUnited remains the platform of choice for hundreds of international brands. As a centralised translation system, they provide the collaborative translation environment necessary to facilitate frictionless cooperation between technology, professional translators and domain experts. Their solutions enable leading brands to optimize localization, reduce translation complexity and achieve international growth, all on a single platform. For more information, visit www.textunited.com or follow the company on LinkedIn.