The Finnish Social Insurance Institution KELA Launches Neural Machine Translation Developed by Tilde

Tilde Kela Neural Machine Translation

The Finnish Social Insurance Institution KELA has started to use Tilde MT, an AI-powered machine translation solution developed by Tilde, a leading European language technology company. Tilde’s strengths in winning the KELA tender have been the quality of the translations, security, functionality, as well as prior solid experience cooperating with Finnish public and private sector entities. 

The newly launched Tilde MT for KELA includes state-of-the-art technology that generates fast, fluent and secure translations.  KELA will use 10 different language pairs: Spanish–Finnish, Polish–Finnish, French–Finnish, German–Finnish, Portuguese–Finnish, Estonian–Finnish, Russian–Finnish, Italian–Finnish, Dutch–Finnish as well as Arabic–Finnish. Tilde MT will help around 250 KELA users to quickly translate a wide variety of documents in more than 15 formats including PDF and JPG and will improve productivity and the translation processes. “We are pleased that our AI-powered technology enables KELA employees to effectively translate text and documents.  The solution facilitates dynamic implementation of terminology to further perfect the quality of translations”, says Artūrs Vasiļevskis, the Head of Language Technologies in Tilde.  The tool complies with strict security requirements and ensures data privacy and confidentiality pursuant to the GDPR.

Finland’s public sector and organizations are actively exploring and adopting new technologies such as machine translation for optimizing daily routines. Prior to the contract with KELA, Tilde had already developed the EU Council Presidency Translator to facilitate the exchange of multilingual information for the duration of the Finnish Presidency in 2019. In 2021, the Finnish Prime Minister’s Office awarded Tilde a four-year contract to provide a machine translation solution for the Finnish government and its ministries. Furthermore, Tilde’s machine translation has also boosted multilingual communication and translation efficiency at Statistics Finland, the city of Espoo, the city of Raseborg, and numerous other bodies and companies.

About Tilde 

Tilde drives innovation in European language technologies to support languages in the digital age and enable multilingual communication for global customers. By using the best of human and artificial intelligence, Tilde develops neural machine translation systems, intelligent virtual assistants, speech technologies, and provides translation and localization services. 

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Gunta Cirule, Marketing Director at Tilde