The First Platform for LSPs to Source, Evaluate and Hire Competent Translators

LONDON, MONDAY, 23 July 2018 – Cerlingo has launched the first platform for Language Service Providers (LSPs) to source, evaluate and hire expert translators for improved operational effectiveness and scalability. Cerlingo transforms the capabilities of traditional LSPs by reducing the time and cost of hiring translation talent to a fraction and making this possible with a few clicks, from anywhere in the world.

“Throughout our journey, we’ve learned an immense amount about how challenging translation vendor hiring can be. Lack of domain expertise and unexpected project delays are cited as the top 2 reasons why buyers switch LSPs and at the root of both of these is poor translator hiring on part of the LSP” said Mustafa Almansur, founder and CEO of Cerlingo.

“We initially created Cerlingo because it solved a professional problem I faced when looking to quickly expand translation teams at a fast growing translation services agency. Our mission now is to enable global LSPs and other language talent recruiters to find and hire the best translators for the job, faster and for less.”

Cerlingo fills a critical void faced by global translation companies for enterprise translation solutions that require on-demand and domain specific translation talent to meet rapidly expanding global markets.

Cerlingo’s platform uses an intuitive, easy to use interface, enabling even non-technical users to effectively assess vendors and efficiently close translation talent gaps.

The core benefits of Cerlingo’s Translation Recruiting Platform include:

Objective Assessment to Identify Top Vendors

  • Thorough language pair based subject specific assessments help LSPs eliminate hiring bias and ensure only the best vendors are recruited.
  • Authoritative assessments carried out by professional translation assessors that guarantee translation competency.

Access Domain Experts

  • Domain specific assessments ensure hired translators are fully competent in specific subject areas e.g. legal, life sciences and finance.
  • Custom subject areas can be created on demand for highly specialised recruitment campaigns.

Gain Scalability

  • New translation vendors can be sourced, assessed and hired within a day, enabling LSPs to quickly scale teams for large projects.
  • LSPs will no longer need to depend on the manual sourcing, assessment and hiring process. Cerlingo’s API enables full automation of Vendor Management, saving weeks of time and admin overheads.

As more and more businesses are expanding into new global markets, the demand for top quality translators is skyrocketing and competition for talent is fierce, with data showing that finding qualified translators, editors and proofreaders will continue to be a challenge.

According to the ATA, citing data from the US Department of Labor, the number of people employed in the translation and interpreting industry has doubled in the past seven years, and the number of companies in the industry has jumped by 24 percent in that same time period. Through to 2024, the employment outlook for those in the business is projected to grow by 29 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

An objective way to swiftly assess translation competency is made essential by the increasing need to quickly fill translation roles from a pool of candidates with potentially widely varying skill sets.

Cerlingo’s subscription based translation competency testing and hiring service brings immediate growth potential and cost efficiency to all LSPs.

About Cerlingo

Cerlingo is a global team of expert translation assessors, linguists and quality assurance professionals who have come together to create the first dedicated global language competency testing and certification organisation.

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