The French Growth Market: Transline Group Invests in France

Transline's Véronique Lumann

REUTLINGEN/SCHILTIGHEIM, March 22, 2022 – France is experiencing its greatest economic growth in 50 years. The language service provider Transline Europe is gearing its language management accordingly. 

France is one of the most important foreign trade partners for many German companies, particularly as its economy is currently booming with a growth rate of seven percent. Language and cultural mediators have never been more important, especially as the French successfully protect their language from too many foreign influences, such as Anglicisms. One example is a 1994 law – named the “Loi Toubon” after Jacques Toubon, then Minister of Culture – that bans advertising slogans that are not translated into French.

Transline Europe, based in Schiltigheim near Strasbourg, France, has committed itself to overcoming such language and cultural barriers for globally active companies. The language service provider is a part of the Transline Group, based in Reutlingen, Germany.

The digitalized translation market and its opportunities

The team, led by Véronique Lumann, has specialized in translating texts in the fields of medicine, medical technology, nutrition, and cosmetology for 25 years. Over the years, the translation market has become increasingly digitalized. Transline uses its in-house technology, TBlue, for highly automated order processing. It can handle higher volumes and was developed in line with Transline’s growth strategy, which it is now expanding beyond the DACH region. 

“Our team has doubled in size since 2020: sales and customer support departments in particular have been expanded and restructured accordingly,” says the business manager of the French location. “Our goal is to boost awareness of the Transline brand in France. In doing so, we want to establish ourselves as the number one provider of specialized language services, above all in the medical and cosmetics sector. Our team is extremely dedicated to its work and has a great passion for languages and cultures.”

Life science and eCommerce translations for global markets 

This year’s kick-off event was the “Journée Microbiotes et Santé” conference in Lyon. Transline attended as an exhibitor, as the health forum reflects an important industry trend: according to studies, the market volume for therapeutic, nutrition and cosmetic products in the field of microbiota alone amounts to 60 billion dollars – with a corresponding demand for translations for research, diagnostics, medical products, and cosmetics.

In addition to technical translations, the company also translates marketing texts and, increasingly, eCommerce content: more than 90 per cent of French people are active online and in cross-border trade. At the same time, they have high expectations when it comes to online shopping, especially with regards to language. “When it comes to authentic shopping experiences, we have our finger on the pulse of the specific needs of French consumers,” says Véronique Lumann. “As a member of the Transline Group, we have access to almost 5,000 specialist translators worldwide, as well as to the latest technologies. This means that our clients profit from synergetic effects, whilst also benefitting from an extremely personalized service offered by a highly specialized team.”

The new website, specifically developed for the French market, is available at