The Language Group Now has Resources for Interpreter Training as well as Language Services

(Virginia Beach, Virginia- February 13 th , 2022) The Virginia Institute of Interpreting has recently been acquired by the full-service Language Service Provider, The Language Group. The acquisition will allow The Language Group to offer online training to better qualify interpreters as well as offer fluency testing for their clients.

The Language Group offers services in Interpreting, Translation, and Localization. V.I.I. offers online courses for anyone who speaks English and at least a second language fluently.

“Our goal is to provide a trustworthy language resource for our clients” said Giovanni Donatelli, Founder and CEO of The Language Group. “Adding interpreter training along with language fluency testing is the natural progression of our company and will allow us to grow our relationships with our clients.”

Many interpreters lack the proper training that their position requires. V.I.I. addresses not only the knowledge necessary, but also the skills needed such as active listening, shadowing and note taking. The online courses include subject matter and fluency testing and can cover general Interpreting Skills as well as Medical Interpreting and Health Care Specialization.

Donatelli is excited to offer such a service. “V.I.I.’s platform is designed to give the student the flexibility to learn at their own pace. The school was truly ahead of its time, as this philosophy was in place 10 years ago when online learning was primarily synchronous learning as opposed to asynchronous learning, which is what most students want today. We are happy to offer anyone that is bilingual a state-of-the-art learning experience, and the ability to enter a wonderful profession.”

Everything you need is at your fingertips. The courses are affordable, convenient, and fully supported by TLG’s dedicated staff.

Learn more at For the quickest response, contact V.I.I. via email at, or call 757.290.6113 to leave a message.