The New Version of Free TMX/TBX File Editor and Converter Is Released

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February 10, 2021 – Logrus Global continues to improve its Goldpan TMX/TBX Editor for open data file formats (XLIFF, TMX, TBX) as an intuitive, multifunctional TMX/TBX file editor and converter. 

The global tide has turned to open standards, particularly open data formats, and users need tools that are designed to work with those formats. Accordingly, Logrus Global Software Development Team provides Goldpan TMX/TBX Editor for free.

The new version 3.6 supports regular expressions in filter and Search/Replace. It also supports automatic updates and allows the user to import Excel files.

Regular expressions feature allows to do many operations, such as anonymization of TM, TM cleaning, terminology operations and preparation of data for MT training and of course daily work with CAT tools on projects.

The Goldpan TMX/TBX Editor 3.6 is a must tool for day-to-day work of terminologists, editors, translators, as well as data scientists. It helps to create, import, or edit TMX, SDLTM, XLIFF, SDLXLIFF, TBX files, and perform operations as search, filter, split, merge, and convert memories and bilingual data, run language checks (including commonly used quality assurance checks), perform batch file processing such as multiple file splitting, merging, conversion into other formats and cleaning hypertext markup (internal tags).

The tool features an easy-to-use interface with ribbons and online help. It runs under 64-bit versions of Windows, including Windows 8/10, on PCs with 4+ GB of RAM.