The Overlooked Key to Translator Productivity

Terminotix Translation Management System

Computer-aided translation (CAT) products offer a panoply of features that profess to speed up document translation. Over the years, solutions ranging from predictive typing, QA checks, machine translation, and automated workflows have been introduced to streamline the process. 

But all these features ignore one simple fact: Translators still spend up to 30% of their time interacting with external resources (Gough, 2017). This means that even with a translation memory system in place, nearly a third of working hours are devoted to research.

As any diligent translator knows, selecting the right equivalent for a tricky word or phrase is no small task. You may have to conduct multiple web searches, toggle between languages on multilingual websites, and comb online glossaries. It can also be necessary to see the term in context to determine its suitability.

Given the consequences of using the wrong term, there is good reason for translators to spend so much time finding the right ones. But what if technology could make the research process less tedious and time consuming?

This question drives the development approach of Montreal-based CAT firm Terminotix. For over 20 years, the company has gained insight by interacting with translators at ground level. It keeps translators’ true needs in mind, making research central to its software design process.

Modular solution for your organization’s research needs 

Rather than presenting language professionals with a one-size-fits-all solution, Terminotix offers a modular suite of software applications. All Terminotix programs are designed to seamlessly integrate with one another. They can also be used to complement traditional translation memory software.

In this article, we focus on three of these products: LogiTerm Web, AlignFactory, and SynchroTerm. Each contains features that will help your organization streamline the research process.

LogiTerm Web: A research workhorse

The main hub of Terminotix’s modular solution is LogiTerm Web. This workhorse application combines the features of a bilingual concordancer, translation memory software, and a terminology management program in one.

  • Lets users create custom bitext databases and term banks with ease
  • Accessible on a desktop or online, making it simple for remote employees and partners to log in and to access your organization’s resources
  • Offers smart search features like results priority, view segment in context, and translation spotting to help you pinpoint the right term more quickly
The LogiTerm Search Interface
LogiTerm search interface

AlignFactory: Accurate, automated alignment

AlignFactory is a powerful alignment engine that scans your organization’s files to automatically identify and align archive documents and new translations. It then generates bitexts that can be used with LogiTerm, Trados, memoQ, and most other translation memory software.

  • Powered by an extremely accurate alignment engine, which means fewer misalignments and less manual editing
  • Offers a highly automated process for aligning large multilingual archives with little human intervention, making onboarding new clients much less time consuming
  • Contains a web crawler function that can be used to download and align entire multilingual websites in just a few clicks

The days of toggling back and forth between languages on a web page are over!

SynchroTerm: The terminologist’s second brain

SynchroTerm is the world’s premier term extraction engine. It combs through your translation projects to generate a list of potential terms, letting you quickly discern which ones are already in your organization’s databases and which ones require further research.

  • Allows your organization to quickly create term banks for new clients
  • Can be used to generate glossaries to share among collaborators on large projects
  • Improves the consistency of terminology across your organization
SynchroTerm interface

With the right technology, your organization can take a smarter, more streamlined approach to research — and save time and money in the process. To learn more about how Terminotix’s modular products can boost your organization’s productivity, visit or email to speak with our team.