The Secret to Lowering the Cost of Quality Localization: Skilled Human Work

As globalization propels businesses to expand their reach, the need for language solutions has become a vital aspect for companies seeking to enter the global marketplace. With AI on the horizon, localization and translation services aided by intuitive technology will be even more ubiquitous. 

But what the hype fails to capture is that AI will take some time to integrate, polish, and adopt, especially if it will be used to automate traditionally human-driven translation services. AI needs to be trained, validated, and tested—it needs volumes of data and rigorous assessments before its decision-making can be on par with ours. 

With this paradigm shift, a steady human hand is still needed to navigate us through this change. While it’s true that automation has changed the game for production efficiency, the fact remains that AI is still far from delivering the value that only humans can bring. 

This is where Elite Translations Philippines comes in. With over a decade of experience in the localization industry and AI development, we can help handhold this transition cost-efficiently without undermining the significance of human-centric work, particularly in certified translation services. 

Our umbrella of operational support and translation services includes project management, testing, dialect translation, and other data processes using human process intelligence at scale. We are an extension of your team—flexible enough to take on shifting challenges, but consistently delivering outstanding results.  

Our advantage? Location and experience. We are based in the Philippines, a country known for being home to Asia’s only native English-speaking community. This allows seamless integration with international teams while retaining the flexibility needed to execute various tasks. It’s also worth noting that the Philippines remains an attractive and cost-efficient destination for offshoring talent, especially for translation services, given its relatively low cost of living and investment-friendly economic landscape. Along with the Philippines’ highly skilled and educated workforce, Elite Translations offers unmatched support services to businesses across the globe. Beyond the expertise that we offer, we also focus on building lasting relationships with our clients. This is why we are exploring new ways to go above and beyond in our offerings—from our localization and translation services to our broader project management support. 

To learn more about our current and upcoming offerings spanning project management, localization, and translation services, please visit our website. You may also contact us at (+63) 917 509 5002 and (02) 7623-1530, or via email at