thebigword 2.0 Has Arrived

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Over the last 6 months thebigword has undergone a transformation, reshuffling its management team and bringing in new talent while significantly speeding up its technology roadmap, leading to the launch of its new face-to-face technologies towards the end of Q1 2023.

thebigword has been well known over the last four decades for being a safe pair of hands in the language industry. Governments, public sectors and private clients have relied on thebigword to deliver a good service at scale.

Chief Executive Officer of thebigword, Joshua Gould says: “We wanted to implement a transformative strategy that would be game changing when it comes to delivering irresistible quality language services, quicker and more reliably than anyone has witnessed in the industry. To do this we have split our business into two divisions, translation and interpreting, each division has its own autonomous management team, software development programme and product roadmap.

Both divisions have a hyperfocus on improving both quality of service and language output. While most believe that industry leading quality must come at a high cost, we are able to utilise and develop automation and natural speech, as well as AI based linguist selection and testing technologies to deliver this to the client for a reasonable price. We are able to marry the very best talent in the industry with the very best linguists and the most sophisticated technologies to improve the quality of translation and interpreting”.

Existing clients of thebigword should see a material improvement in interpreting service rates and noticeable quality improvements during 2023. thebigword’s new WordSynk face-to-face technologies are already supporting over 50,000 monthly clients and over 7,000 freelance linguists.

thebigword translation division is investing heavily in natural speech, workflow automation, translator editing and content management system (CMS) integration technologies. They have also hired and developed industry leading experts in the Logistics, Technology and Gaming industries.

thebigword have also heavily invested in a European Union expansion over the last 12 months with the Netherlands, now their fastest growing geographical location.

thebigword CEO Joshua Gould

Joshua Gould says: “Our Dutch based European Union entity is one of the most exciting areas of growth for both our interpreting and translation divisions as we bring technologies that have not yet been available within the EU”.

thebigword believes that smaller management team plus significant investment in technology and strategic acquisitions will aid in the mission to provide industry leading quality at scale for a competitive price.

About thebigword:

thebigword is one of the largest language service providers globally, utilising the greatest minds and boundary-shattering technology to deliver phenomenal quality at scale to both their clients and linguist network.

The company works with some of the world’s best-known brands and a number of large UK and US government organisations, handling up to 50,000 worldwide assignments every single day. For more information, visit