Tilde Awarded European Commission Contract for Multilingual Website Solutions

Tilde awarded European Commission contract for multilingual website solutions

The European Commission has selected a Tilde-led consortium to develop solutions for automated website translation. This project will result in a set of tools that support using machine translation to create multilingual websites.

This project aims to strengthen Europe’s multilingualism and digital capabilities. According to the recent Multilinguality of Websites Report, more than two thirds of European websites are only in one or two languages. The project will facilitate uptake of European machine translation services for websites by SMEs, NGOs, public administration and academia.

Within the project scope, language technology company Tilde will develop a set of ready-to-use open source automated website translation solutions. The consortium partners IDC, ELDA and Ogilvy/Guilty will carry out in-depth market research on multilingual websites in Europe, provide help desk support and will ensure that the developed solutions are widely promoted.

The developed tools will integrate with popular content management and e-commerce platforms as well as stand-alone websites providing an easy way to make any website multilingual. Translation will be provided by the free European Commission’s eTranslation service that can be changed to any other machine translation service provider.

‘I am pleased that the European Commission has reiterated its confidence in Tilde by selecting us to lead the implementation of this vital European project. It is a recognition of our competence and experience in developing custom machine translation solutions and multilingual websites for numerous high-profile businesses and institutions, including European Council presidencies,’ says Artūrs Vasiļevskis, the CEO of Tilde.

The Tilde-led consortium won the contract award in the call for tenders: Language Technology Solutions (CNECT/LUX/2022/OP/0030, LOT 1). The project has started this January and will run for two years with the first results available by the end of 2023.

About Tilde:
Tilde is one of the leading European language technology companies. With cutting-edge products, innovative research and passionate people, Tilde supports languages in the digital age and enables multilingual communication. Employing a smart synergy of human and artificial intelligence, Tilde develops neural machine translation systems, intelligent chatbots, speech technologies, and provides translation, localization and terminology services. Tilde’s award winning technologies serve a large user base from corporate and government to businesses and individuals.

Contact Info:
Gunta Cirule, Marketing Director at Tilde