Tilde Has Developed Ukrainian Machine Translation Systems to Help Refugees

Tilde's Free Ukrainian Machine Translation

Free Ukrainian machine translation systems developed by Tilde will support refugee efforts to integrate into the countries such as Poland and the Baltics that are giving them refuge, as well as provide direct access to Ukrainian information sources.

The new Ukrainian machine translation solution for texts, documents and websites is freely available on translate.tilde.com and the Tilde Translator mobile app. The new systems translate between Ukrainian and English, Polish, Latvian, Estonian and Lithuanian. These systems have been developed to make it easier for
Ukrainian refugees to access local information, prepare necessary documents, and communicate across languages. Instant machine translation of material from Ukrainian sources will give direct access to comprehensive news and information on the situation in the war-zone.

“When the Russian invasion began, we looked at ways how we could help Ukraine not only financially, but also with our artificial intelligence technologies. It is crucial that Ukrainian refugees have instant access to the latest news, local authority websites, assistance providers, and necessary documents. Our team worked with great enthusiasm and completed this special challenge that typically requires several months in just 11 days,” said Andrejs Vasiļjevs, the CEO of Tilde.

Furthermore, to help government institutions and NGO’s that are providing support to refugees, Tilde is donating a special website add-on that lets public website content be instantly translated into Ukrainian. By adding just a couple lines of code to a website, an option to translate all the content to Ukrainian becomes available.

Tilde systems are created with artificial intelligence technologies that have trained neural network models on a total of 30 million translation segments. Translation takes place directly between languages thus reducing the incidence of translation errors. This differentiates Tilde systems from many other translation providers who use English as an intermediary language.

About Tilde:

Tilde drives innovation in European language technologies to support languages in the digital age and enable multilingual communication. By using the best of human and artificial intelligence, Tilde develops neural machine translation systems, intelligent virtual assistants, speech technologies and provides translation and localisation services. Tilde’s award-winning technologies are serving large user base from corporate and government to SMEs and individuals.

Contact info:
Gunta Cirule, Marketing Director at Tilde