Tilde Launches a Translation Platform for Companies and Translators

Tilde MT Platform

Tilde launches the latest version of the powerful Tilde MT Platform that encompasses all the must-have language tools to accelerate global content creation, boost business productivity, overcome multilingual challenges, and improve translation efficiency.  

The new release of Tilde MT platform focuses on maximizing translation efficiency for translators, language service providers and small and large companies with the latest AI solutions. It includes secure translation UI, better MT capacity and integrations, improved translation memories and terminology, simplified online CAT tools, and a new website translator that instantly makes any website multilingual, as well as a better user experience.

An incredible mix of award-winning neural machine translation engines offered by Tilde ensures that users can choose an MT technology that meets their needs. This includes 50+ ready-to-use general engines, custom engines tailored to specific domains, terminology, style, and even an adaptive MT functionality that dynamically adjusts to each translation project. 

For companies that work with internal and external multilingual information, this user-friendly translation platform allows to instantly and securely translate texts, documents, and websites and preserve the original formatting. Within seconds, any user can receive accurate, high-quality translations. For further quality improvements they can use a simplified built-in computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool to edit translations by relying on translation memories, terminology, and machine translation outputs. However, some documents may require a revision by a professional translator; thus, users can send such documents to a professional translator with a click of a button and receive them directly in their email. 

 Consistent terminology is also important not only for translators but also for enterprises, therefore, Tilde makes it easy to “stay on the same page” with simple and accessible terminology management.

“As digital boarders slowly fade away and businesses become more global, it is essential for companies to have a reliable and secure translation platform where employees can quickly translate confidential documents without any fear of data leaks,” explains Arturs Vasilevskis, the head of the Machine Translation unit at Tilde. “We have also added a new and exciting website translator that can make any website multilingual in just a few minutes without any coding, manual translation or page duplication. It is especially important for companies that are trying to expand to other markets and reach more audiences quickly and without any excessive costs.” 

The latest AI technologies are no longer a privilege enjoyed only by big companies. As Tilde’s MT solution can be easily scaled up and customized, it is perfect for small and large companies. Our customers can use a cloud-based web translation platform or integrate it directly into their internal workflows, intranet, etc. Furthermore, Tilde’s MT platform can be easily customized to specific needs and style to meet all of customers’ branding and security needs.

The variety of plugins and integrations available from the Tilde MT platform ensures seamless multilingual workflows and includes plugins for Microsoft Outlook and the most popular CAT tools, as well as powerful APIs that can connect Tilde’s cutting-edge MT technology to any solution or product. 

Tilde offers businesses and translators a quick, effective and cost-efficient solution to translate more in less time and enable access to multilingual information and its exchange. Join Tilde for a live platform demonstration on May 20th at 17:00 CET and be among the first to get to know new and exciting features that will be released very soon. As this demo can accommodate a limited number of participants click here to secure your spot.