TLC2019 Announces All-Industry Survey

The Translation and Localization Conference, one of the top industry events (37 ratings of 5/5, 3300+ followers on social media, 150+ speakers, 1500+ participants from 35 countries) to take place for the eighth time in Warsaw, has announced that an all-industry survey will be conducted as part of the conference.

Every year, TLC focuses on technological and sociological issues which shape the day-to-day life of translation agencies and translators alike. The upcoming edition takes a look at practical skills and knowledge that will be of the essence in the very near future –only a year ahead from now.

The organizers decided to use the event to conduct a large-scale all-industry survey concerning what type of skills and knowledge are likely to be helpful in working in the translation industry in 2020.

The survey results will be published as a report on the conference’s website. They will also serve as a basis for a debate on the same topic, to be held at the close of day one of the conferences. Experts representing various fields of the language industry will attend as panelists.