Tomedes Introduces Context Translation, a New Beta Feature on

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BEAVERTON, Oregon (USA) — Tomedes, a global leader in translation and localization solutions, has recently launched an exciting beta feature called context translation on The platform is a creation of Tomedes’ artificial intelligence (AI) Division, which embodies the company’s steadfast dedication to supporting the rapid evolution in the field of artificial intelligence. Powered by cutting-edge technologies such as GPT, this tool demonstrates Tomedes’ commitment to delivering innovation and superior service for its core language customers.

The context translation feature is one step closer to offering users highly personalized translations through the efficiency of new technologies. It scrutinizes the source text and target language meticulously, utilizing artificial intelligence to formulate a series of context-based questions in an intuitive multiple-choice format. These questions guide the tool to craft output that echoes the user’s intentions, resulting in a tailored translation that places the message front and center.

The introduction of this new feature further enhances the pre-existing suite of tools available on Users can already compare and analyze different machine translation engines, such as Google Translate, DeepL, Amazon, ModernMT, and ChatGPT, which allows them to make informed decisions about which engines are suitable for their personal or business-related needs.

This new development exemplifies Tomedes’ dedication to harnessing technological advancements in AI in order to enhance the customer experience. As a customer-centric company that anticipates and prioritizes the needs of its diverse clientele, Tomedes can ensure every innovation created, including the context translation beta feature, is intuitive and user-friendly in design. Customers are invited to join Tomedes on this exciting journey of continuous improvement by exploring the new context translation beta feature at and sharing their insights to help refine this revolutionary tool.

About Tomedes:
Tomedes is a global translation company specialized in language and technology solutions for SMEs and Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Since its creation in 2007, the company has been catering to a diverse range of industries, offering versatile support to meet users’ multilingual communication and expansion needs. By placing the customer at the heart of its values, Tomedes guides brands along every step of their journey to growth. Committed to elevating translation quality and delivering unparalleled customer experience, Tomedes aims to make machine translation an accessible commodity to localization buyers around the world.