Tomedes Introduces Eye2.AI: A Groundbreaking Innovation in Artificial Intelligence

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BEAVERTON, Oregon (USA) — Tomedes, a global leader in translation and localization solutions, has recently announced the launching of, a platform focused on combining advanced AI with human expertise to provide their customers with the highest standard of service for post-edited AI content. The platform is a creation of Tomedes’ AI Division, representing the company’s two decades of commitment to innovatively assisting their customers’ needs.

What makes unique among the other AI-centric sites? offers seamless integration of human excellence with cutting-edge AI technologies, ensuring that AI-generated content is accurate, humanized, and refined. This way, it makes sure that the content is engaging while meeting international standards. It also offers certification guaranteeing its customers that the AI content has undergone a meticulous process, such as editing, fact-checking, and quality assurance—ensuring that content is captivating and delivers phenomenal results. Not only that, but’s user-friendly site has a tool that allows them to estimate how much they will pay for each project.

Despite AI and machine learning becoming more accurate and sophisticated over the years, the generated content will still need the “human touch” and intuitive insights of skilled individuals and experts. As a customer-centric company with a diverse clientele, Tomedes anticipates that many will want high-quality AI content, leading to the development of

About Tomedes:

Tomedes is a company that provides translation services, interpreting and localization solutions to businesses and Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Founded in 2007, the company caters to a wide range of sectors, offering business support for multilingual communication and global expansion. At Tomedes, the customer is at the heart of their philosophy. Thus, they are committed to providing innovative solutions and exceptional customer experience by elevating translation quality and investing in their clients’ endeavors and success. For this reason, Tomedes is tirelessly in the pursuit of making machine translation and AI services accessible commodities to the global market.