The Top 50 Language AI Companies to Watch in 2024

SlatorPod #203 - 2024 Slator Language AI 50 Under 50

Florian and Esther discuss the language industry news of the week, with Head of Research Anna Wyndham joining to give a breakdown of the 2024 Slator Language AI 50 Under 50, a list highlighting 50 of the newest and most notable language AI companies.

The list focuses on 50 language AI companies under 50 months old, showcasing their innovations in speech-to-text, machine translation, speech synthesis, and more.

Esther talks about Disney’s Accelerator Program, which invested in two language AI startups: ElevenLabs and AudioShake. AudioShake uses AI to parse audio tracks for mixing or dubbing and ElevenLabs, a multilingual AI voice startup, recently raised USD 80m.

Florian mentions AnthropicAI’s new language model, Claude 3 Opus, and shared a user’s experience testing it for translating a low-resource language (Circassian) with impressive results. (note: a few hours after the podcast production was finished, the user gave an update that the model was trained on Circassian).

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Florian briefly touches on Elon Musk’s lawsuit against OpenAI, with translation getting a shoutout as a key early use case for large language models.

Esther provides an overview of Honyaku Center’s financial results for Q3 2024, where overall revenues saw a 3% growth and translation remained the primary revenue driver.

Esther shares news about recent layoffs at Sega of America, affecting 61 temp workers from quality assurance and localization.