The Top Five ONTRAM Features of 2017

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Though we’re not listing all the features that our IT developed in 2017, as we reach the end of the year, we want to highlight the ones that matter most to us:

ONTRAM Translation Memory V6

Our new memory V6 has not only sped up job creation but has also significantly increased the quality of the suggestions. Amongst other things, this is done through an improved filter for punctuation and special characters. The memory suggestions are now of an even higher quality and users need less time for their translations.

ONTRAM Easy Wizard – when there isn’t much time

For those fast job creations, when no more adjustments are needed, we developed the Easy Wizard. Simply select source and target language, upload file, and generate the job – start translating!

Neuronal machine translation

Machine translation is on the rise worldwide and now plays an important role in translation processes. We’ve followed this trend and have integrated several MT providers like Microsoft Translator Hub, Google MT and SYSTRAN NMT. You can benefit directly from translation results of MT providers in ONTRAM, reducing both your effort and costs. If you’d like to know more, we’re here for you.

ONTRAM online editor

To make it easier for users to work with ONTRAM, we’ve made our online editor even simpler and more intuitive. Editing in ONTRAM is now even more flexible with the help of individual adjustment options, such as freely adjustable columns and movable placeholders.

Drupal connectivity

Content from the easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) Drupal can be quickly translated with ONTRAM. Short passages can be translated directly in the Drupal interface; larger texts are simply transferred to ONTRAM and a job is created. Data transfer takes place directly via the ONTRAM interface, eliminating the hassle of handling exported data. All known features like translation memory, terminology and quality checks are all available. During editing in ONTRAM, a preview can be opened at any time to evaluate all translated texts directly in the corresponding Drupal layout.

We are already looking forward to the new challenges of 2018!