Top WordPress website localization by Versacom, Canadian leader and WPML partner

Montreal, May 1, 2019 – Versacom, Canada’s largest multilingual translation company led by expert language professionals, partners with WPML to greatly simplify the localization of clients’ WordPress websites.

With WPML, clients can easily identify Versacom as their designated WordPress localization agency. Using the plug-in’s friendly dashboard, it’s easy to send selected website content to Versacom for localization into any language without leaving the WordPress environment. The content is automatically transferred to Versacom and converted into a format suited to professional localization using specialized language technology. Once localized, the content is transferred back to the client in its final format and can immediately be uploaded to the website and published as soon as it’s approved—with no need for prior extraction, copying, formatting or proofreading. Everything is much faster and more secure, meaning fewer billable hours for flawless multilingual WordPress content.

When you entrust your WordPress localization projects to Versacom, you benefit from:

  • top linguistic expertise in all the languages and fields that matter to your organization
  • a localization team of language and management specialists dedicated to you and your projects—including cultural consultants, SEO experts, and more
  • guaranteed professional revision of all localized content
  • tailored, comprehensive customer service starting the moment your website primes may need assistance with purchasing, installing and configuring the right WPML plug-in
  • in-depth technological know-how leveraging our industry’s top management and localization-assistance tools for optimal results at zero risk
  • stringent information security and confidentiality in line with the expectations of today’s organizations.

Remember: localizing your website is fundamental to success in a global marketplace. Customers want you to speak their language and value their culture. Your business results depend on how well you do this.

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About Versacom: Founded in 1995, Versacom has been led by expert language professionals from the start. For over two decades, as the leading provider of translation services in Canada, we have been offering Canadian and international organizations top quality and value with highly effective multilingual communication services for any of the world’s languages. We owe our success to a holistic approach that marries the power of people and technology with a personal approach. We know how much you invest in your multilingual communications, and you can count on our unwavering support.