Toptranslation Launches Lexeri, the Next-Gen Enterprise Terminology Solution

It is important and often complicated for a company to speak with one voice. Lexeri makes it possible to embed corporate language as an integral element of every task and an established practice for each employee. Whatever program is being used, Lexeri is so easy to operate that everyone can use it and focus on what matters — the content of the text itself.

The new terminology software by Toptranslation, a leading player for corporate language services and technology, comes jam-packed with features that include intelligent, individual rights management and controlled integration of staff input, upping the ante compared to the current generation of terminology software.

It cleverly integrates corporate language where it is used: in email clients, word-processing programs, browser windows, and content management systems. The right terms are never more than two clicks away.

“What do we call that again?” Thanks to Lexeri, this question is hardly ever asked. The new software puts an end to the strenuous process of trawling through databases. And while the handy tool gives users continuous access to all technical terms in several languages — packed with definitions, images, and linguistic attributes — its biggest benefit only becomes apparent when working on texts.

Whether an employee is writing an email, typing text into a browser window, or creating a marketing text in Word, Lexeri steps in as a skilled expert for corporate language. Lexeri offers assistance if specific wordings or specialist terms need to be touched up in the same way a spell checker corrects typos and suggests alternatives to mis-phrased sentences when users are writing text. For example, if a sportswear brand prefers “trainers” to “sneakers,” the term is shown to employees and external service providers every time they accidentally pick the wrong word.

Seamless Integration: The Right Word in Just Two Clicks

Whether for technical documents or marketing, Lexeri can be seamlessly inserted into any task and software infrastructure. Companies that integrate the smart corporate language assistant early in building their terminology management processes and policies will reap the biggest rewards, explains Toptranslation CTO Stefan Rohde, who developed the product with his team.

“Large companies sometimes work with several thousand software applications that generate content. If a central terminology solution isn’t used from the outset, it can take a long time to extract the individual terms from the applications, then edit and arrange them,” says Rohde.

Toptranslation’s developers expand the functionality of Lexeri by creating integrations like the Lexeri Chrome extension. With it, users can check texts created on websites, such as in content management systems, email programs, or client-support tools, and compare them with terminology stored in Lexeri. Blacklisted and preferred terms are highlighted in different colors and can be swapped for the preferred variant with just two clicks. Corporate language can really be this simple and accessible.

Strict Management of Rights and Roles: Fully Customized Access

Organizing and coordinating corporate language is an extremely delicate process. Lexeri rises to this challenge with its sophisticated management of rights and roles. Individual contacts can be assembled into teams and user groups to meet specific requirements, ensuring optimized access to termbases at all times. Approval processes and the entire procedure of terminology development are flexible and adaptable to create the best possible workflow for every single organization. It goes without saying that Toptranslation is always on hand to support its clients during customization of Lexeri. Termbase clean-ups, translations, and end-to-end coordination are seamless and easy with Lexeri.

Outstanding Flexibility: Highly Adaptable to Current Terminology Structures and Permanently Available

Lexeri was developed with the keen awareness that terminology should be flexibly integrable and available at all times. The terminology software can be seamlessly connected to current structures and used reliably, even when everything hinges on finding the right words.

Toptranslation clients are already using Lexeri; for instance, in medical settings where blacklisted terms for particular situations need to be identified reliably, or where using the wordings contained in industry standards is essential. Other versatile features, such as term entries and instructions for use, bring added simplicity to the management of complex wording scenarios.

Lexeri saves a company’s terminology in a cloud repository and is available as software as a service. This means that users always have access to the latest termbase on any device, from any location. When needed, specialist translations and revisions can be ordered from Toptranslation or any other language service provider in just a few clicks.

Getting Staff on Board: Smart Feedback Feature

Another important feature of Lexeri is that it makes corporate language a two-way street. With the software, every colleague and external service provider can contribute to improving content within a controlled environment.

The system allows so many people to contribute, placing the issue of terminology front and center

“It’s easy to submit suggestions at any time,” says Terminology Manager and Product Owner Sarah Hillje. To get the most out of this feedback, Toptranslation offers the option of providing clients with terminology managers, who check the input received, integrate it when appropriate, and ensure the termbase is consistently and rigorously up to date.

“The system allows so many people to contribute, placing the issue of terminology front and center, and enhancing its quality by drawing on expertise from a wide variety of disciplines. It takes terminology out of the disconnected worlds of language and editing departments and puts it right where it is actually needed,” adds Hillje.

Client Case 1: Technical Documentation for Drive Specialist Lenze

Among Lexeri’s major customers is Lenze, one of the world leaders in drive and automation solutions for machinery. With 4,000 employees and establishments in 60 countries, Lenze was faced with the tough task of creating a mandatory corporate language policy that would apply to all departments and locations.

The need to make changes first became apparent when reviewing technical documentation, which was frequently littered with inconsistencies. For example, technical terms for machine parts were neither used nor translated in the same way across locations and departments around the world; or they were even interpreted incorrectly.

The introduction of Lexeri as a terminology repository solution turned the situation on its head. Lexeri was used to extract all technical terms, as well as their definitions and translations from the current system, update them, and then arrange them in a database. They are now available to colleagues and service providers all over the world in most market languages.

Client Case 2: Brand Positioning Through Consistent Corporate Language

Trainers or sneakers? Shareholder or stockholder? First name terms or strictly formal? Consistent language is a crucial part of creating a clear corporate identity. Marketers use Lexeri to localize terms that communicate an organization’s unique sense of identity.

The aim is for everyone to use the same language, from student trainees to the executive board

Employees can access the wordings at any time and use them for marketing texts in emails, brochures, and social media posts. “The aim is for everyone to use the same language, from student trainees to the executive board,” says Houman Gieleky, CEO & Founder of Toptranslation.

Lexeri even assists non-human authors, as machine translation software and compatible applications are also able to access the terminology software’s databases. This makes companies more memorable for their audience at different touchpoints along the customer journey.

In other words, customers are addressed using the same corporate language on every channel in which they encounter the company or brand. This simplifies corporate communication and eases the workload as the texts do not constantly require quality checking. The software can be shared with agencies and other external service providers, so fewer questions are raised when creating content — which saves time and money, and accelerates time to market.

Next-Level Terminology Software: Built on Experience

Lexeri takes terminology to a new level that matches the rigorous demands of today’s highly dynamic and ever-changing business world. Rohde, Gieleky, and the Toptranslation Team managed this extraordinary feat thanks to the systematic prioritization of company requirements.

“We’ve looked after technical editing for fast-growing industrial businesses for around 10 years now, and have used the time to analyze which factors and standards would make terminology management truly efficient,” explains Gieleky. “We developed Lexeri on this basis. We launched Lexeri as a software solution for consistent corporate language and are rolling it out to existing and new customers across the European and American markets.”