Trados Announces Its Autumn Round of Feature Releases

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Trados, the industry-leading translation platform by RWS, recently unveiled a collection of groundbreaking AI features in their cloud platform, establishing a new benchmark for the future of localization technology. These state-of-the-art capabilities boost translation quality, expedite time-to-market, and lower translation costs, empowering organizations to translate everything. As well as extending and enhancing Linguistic AI throughout our platform, we continuously deliver new innovations in other areas. In the past three months, we released over a hundred updates, resulting in dozens of new features for our users to enjoy. 

We want to keep you up to date with the latest developments, which is why we provide quarterly round-ups of our key updates:

Streamline project creation and keep them running smoothly with better translation collaboration

We’ve enhanced project collaboration, ensuring seamless communication within our platform. Gone are the days when users had to exit the application, grab their phones, or send emails, resulting in scattered conversations! With our new feature, project-level communication among cross-functional stakeholders is vastly improved. This innovation, for example, helps interactions between project managers and content requestors through the customer portal, allowing users to exchange messages within the context of specific projects.

In-platform communication

Improved automation and flexibility with new translation management functionality 

We are excited to introduce Schedule Templates, a powerful feature that simplifies project and task scheduling for efficient and effective project management and timely completion. With Schedule Templates, a Project Due Date is automatically set when creating a project in Trados. Once you’ve configured your Schedule Template to align with your workflow needs, it can be added into a Project Template. This guarantees that all projects created using this Schedule Template can stick to the defined schedule, based on the parameters you’ve set.

Speed up translation processes with new translation productivity features  

In our continuous efforts to assist localization professionals in translating everything, the latest updates to Trados Studio 2022 introduce powerful new capabilities. These include added support for AnyTM with cloud translation engines to enable you to work with cloud translation memories (TMs) for non-matching and related sublanguage pairs in local projects. Additionally, we have continued to add improvements to vision accessibility features that enable users with low vision to access the buttons under more settings, use screen readers such as Windows Narrator to correctly read what each field represents, and use keyboard navigation which now follows a more logical pattern.

To learn more about all of these features and see them in action, sign up for our upcoming webinar.

We hope you have enjoyed this quarterly round-up, and we look forward to bringing you our next round-up in January! As we continue to innovate across the Trados family of products, the Trados team is excited to keep delivering features to help you achieve your business goals. 

If your organization is not using Trados, please get in touch to find out more about the solutions we offer.

About Trados 

Trados helps translation professionals unlock global understanding. By offering a range of secure, intelligent translation solutions, we enable everyone across the global translation supply chain to streamline, centralize, and manage their translation work efficiently, thereby reducing costs while delivering higher quality.

Trados easily integrates into any workflow and is a source of continual innovation to meet your evolving needs. It offers unrivalled flexibility and scalability – backed by insight and support from the industry’s most experienced technology team, serving its largest user community.