Slator Transcreation and Multilingual Content Origination Report

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The 60-page Slator Transcreation and Multilingual Content Origination Report examines the fast-growing market for the transcreation of advertising content, along with the nascent and expanding market of multilingual content origination.

As global advertising spend increases and digital content grows exponentially, this creative content space — which generally resists disruption from language technology — offers rich potential for language service providers (LSPs) to diversify and future-proof their service offering.

Drawing on insights from nine specialist LSPs, the report identifies three broad areas where transcreation and multilingual content origination approaches are applied; online and offline advertising, content marketing, and product and platform content. 

We outline the industry’s key supply-chain models, illustrating the various roles of and relationships between end-clients, advertising agencies, and LSPs.

The report homes in on the specific workflows and end-goals that make “transcreation” a distinct service — from the creative brief to workflows, deliverable formats, and client collaboration — and demonstrates how transcreation is as much a strategic and targeted task as a creative one.

We describe the target skill set of a transcreator and copywriter, and share commentary from LSPs on how to identify these hard-to-find specialists and build a resilient and scalable supply chain.

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Technology can be applied effectively, but selectively, in this space. We show how transcreation and multilingual content providers approach technology and shed light on client expectations around LSP integration with ad agency and end-client tech stacks. The main pricing models for multilingual content creation are also outlined, along with a range of pricing approaches for transcreation services.

Within the report is a seven-page quick guide to “Working with Ad Agencies” that provides LSPs with all the information they need to collaborate effectively with advertising partners. We outline the global advertising ecosystem, the typical structure of an agency, common job titles, and trends in media channels.

The guide explains how advertising agencies price their services for end-clients, and we share a raft of insights from LSPs on the key challenges around and solutions for aligning with ad agency priorities.

To operate successfully in the advertising and marketing space, LSPs need to have a diverse service offering. The report provides a one-page table listing a dozen linguistic and cultural services that LSPs may provide during the life cycle of an ad campaign.

The competitive landscape is also described, with the main providers and buyers of transcreation and multilingual content origination services identified. We then take a closer look at how LSPs are developing deeper and broader partnerships with brands and ad agencies, taking on the role of linguistic and cultural consultants to help brands go global.

Finally, a chapter on the future of technology looks ahead to how synthetic text generation, AI-generated videos, the automation of media localization, and advances in machine translation may impact language services in the creative space. An appendix glossary lists the key advertising terms that all LSPs need to know.

The report can be used as a standalone resource and is best read alongside Slator’s complementary catalog of research reports and pro guides, such as the Slator 2021 Language Industry Market Report and the Slator 2021 Video Localization Report.

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Table of Contents

Gain insight into how transcreation and multilingual content origination have evolved as specialist approaches for adapting ad and marketing content for international markets, along with key demand drivers.
The Role of Language Services in Advertising and Marketing10
Learn about industry supply-chain models, exploring the relationships between brands, advertising agencies, and LSPs. Understand how brands outsource services to ad agencies and discover the latest trends in decoupled and hybrid models. Find out the three key types of language service provider in the creative space: boutique specialists, multi-vertical LSPs, and LSPs within major advertising groups.
Content Types14
Delve deeper into the three main categories of content to which transcreation and multilingual content origination approaches are applied: from online and offline advertising, to content marketing, to product and platform content, including e-commerce product and category descriptions as well as UI content.
Transcreation of Ad Copy19
Discover the specific workflows, processes, and end-goals that make transcreation a distinct service. The report covers creative briefs, brand guidelines, client collaboration, and the creative ideation process, and shows how transcreation draws on advertising strategies and local market knowledge. Find out how LSPs choose strategically from a range of deliverable formats to effectively convey the impact of transcreated copy to end-clients.
Read about the three main transcreator profiles — their background, skill sets, and qualifications — targeted by industry-leading creative LSPs. Learn about how providers of multilingual content origination recruit resources and build resilient and scalable supply chains.
Understand how LSPs selectively apply a range of language technologies —  including TMS, productivity (CAT) tools, machine translation (MT), and termbases — to creative content, and uncover client expectations around integration with client-side CMSs, messaging, design, and creative production tools.
Gain a better insight into transcreation pricing models, including per-hour rates, service levels, and blended pricing approaches. Find out how multilingual content providers package their service offer for high-volume recurring content marketing, including credit packages, set time periods, and specified hours.
Working With Ad Agencies – A Quick Guide38
Find out everything you need to know about working effectively with ad agencies via a seven-page quick guide. The guide covers the global advertising ecosystem, leading advertising agencies, main geographic hubs, the structure of an ad agency, most common job titles, latest trends in media channels, and digital marketing agencies.
Discover how ad agencies bundle multiple creative production services into their pricing for brands. Read about four common challenges that LSPs face when working with ad agencies, and find out how industry-leading LSPs have overcome them. A one-page table illustrates the range of linguistic and cultural services provided by LSPs during the life cycle of an ad campaign.
Competitive Landscape47
Access a list of 30 industry-leading LSPs offering transcreation and content origination services. Find out the main buyers globally of advertising and marketing, along with the key brands highlighted by leading LSPs as transcreation and content-origination case studies.
Industry Insights and Trends52
Understand how the role of LSPs has evolved from language supplier to linguistic and cultural consultant, and partner for brands and ad agencies. See how LSPs are getting involved earlier during ad campaigns and content-marketing creation, providing vital local-market insights, linguistic expertise, and data-driven copy-tuning.
Get a glimpse into the future of technology for creative content with our overview of synthetic text generation, AI-generated video, and automated video localization solutions, as well as the latest lines of research into machine translation (MT) for creative content.
Appendix: Glossary58
A rundown of the key advertising acronyms and terminology that LSPs in the advertising and marketing space need to know.

How to Use This Report

Slator’s easy-to-digest Transcreation and Multilingual Content Origination Report offers the very latest industry and data analysis, providing language service providers, end-clients, and investors the confidence to make informed and time-critical decisions. It is a cost-effective, credible resource for busy professionals.