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Incorrectly interpreted information during the сommunication in a foreign language causes misunderstanding and a low rate of any business growth. So how to make sure that your customers always receive a qualified clear answer in their native language? 

Now offers Zendesk Application for a monolingual support team to communicate with customers in different languages and be with them on the same wave through ticket translation. As a result, customers receive a timely response with multilingual support service and strengthen their reputation as a reliable service provider. Zendesk and Translate integration support sales agents by combining machine and professional human translation of tickets into 90 languages using a translation platform. The client enters a request and receives an accurate translation.

Benefits of Zendesk’s multilingual support:

  • app helps you solve complex questions quickly in any language at a market-leading price
  • Over 100,000 translations completed by over 17,000 professional translators
  • Native Zendesk integration eliminates the hassle of copying and pasting text
  • Option to eliminate customer-sensitive or private data to respect client’s privacy
  • offers several effective security and privacy levels for assurance that your client’s data is safely processed, etc.

It is easier to understand the meaning of a client’s request than to write a beautifully detailed response using simple machine translation. This is where human translation, performed by native multilingual speakers, comes to the rescue. This is what does – to improve client relationships by communicating with them in their native language.

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