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Translate your communications into Ukrainian with a Ukrainian company. Ukraine has recently received European Union candidate status. It’s time to get ready to localize into Ukrainian.

Ukrainian is the language of the brave — it’s the official language of Ukraine and is spoken by about 45 million people, including residents of Ukraine, temporarily displaced Ukrainians, and members of the Ukrainian diaspora all over the world.

InText is your best choice for translating into Ukrainian because:

  • Everyone on our team is a native Ukrainian speaker, including our project managers, editors, and QA specialists
  • We work with a vast pool of Ukrainian translators in various subject areas: technical, medical, legal, marketing, and many more
  • InText is ISO EN 1700 registered

Ukrainian legislation effective 16 July 2022 will require websites as well as digital products operating in the Ukrainian market to have a Ukrainian-language version.

We would be more than willing to assist you in translating into our native Ukrainian language!

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