Translate Magento Websites: Crowdin + Magento App

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Translate and manage Magento stores in multiple languages with Magento 2 + Crowdin integration. Crowdin is a localization software that works in the cloud and lets the agency and the customer work on content localization in one place.

Translate Magento websites with Crowdin

By default, Magento requires the translation of products and categories as a separate page for each locale. If you are translating a website with multiple pages into several languages, this can be a lot to handle both for you and your customer.

Crowdin’s new app for Magento simplifies the process of exporting sources and adding translations. So, if a customer requests a translation of a Magento website, you can easily take on this task. 

This app will export source texts from Magento into your Crowdin project, where you’ll be able to work in a translation editor to do translations while collaborating with your team and customer. Once the translations are completed, you can send them directly to the customer’s Magento account. No need to exchange any translation files via email or to copy-paste content.

Translating Magento websites just got easier.

The Benefits of Magento 2 Crowdin Integration Extension

  • You can save a lot of time. Instead of copy-pasting texts for each page separately, you’ll be able to download sources and upload translations all at once using this app.
  • Translate product descriptions, categories, email templates, pages, attributes, and more.
  • Before and after translation, the content is matched up manually.
  • WYSIWYG file previews for translators.
  • Even small changes to content, like a new sentence or a changed word, can be synced and translated quickly.

Setting up the Crowdin + Magento 2 integration

After installing the Crowdin Integration module, you must enable it. Go to Stores > Configuration > Magefan Extensions > Crowdin Integration > General > then click Save Config.

Activate Crowdin Integration

To get Magento and Crowdin to work together, you must click Activate Integration.

1. After installing the application, you will find it in your project Integrations section. Find Crowdin integration and click Activate.
2. The extension already has all the permissions it needs. So all you have to do to confirm is click Allow.
3. Once you’ve created your Integration Tokens, click Done and return to the Configuration section.
4. Copy the Integration Key and paste it into the Crowdin Integration.

Read more instructions about how to synchronize Crowdin with Magento.

With the Magento 2 Crowdin integration extension, translating Magento is a quick and easy process. Source texts are easily exported, and you can sync translations to Magento.

Why do translators choose Crowdin?

Make sure you’re working on the most up-to-date version of the file. Work in the cloud to translate, review, keep track of your work, and cooperate with your team and customer.

Start right away with the translation

  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • You don’t need to spend time learning how to use Crowdin.
  • Cloud solution – available on any device.
  • Make and use your Glossary and TM with ease.
  • You can look at your files in real-time.
  • More than 60 file types can be used.
  • Crowdin offers free training demos with our team.
  • 400+ integrations.

Faster translations that don’t lose quality

You can change how your translation editor works, look at the source and translated files, ensure the quality and consistency of the translation, keep track of your work, and make reports.

Read about more features for localization management on the Crowdin site.

About Crowdin

Crowdin is a cloud-based software that makes localization management easier for your team. It’s the best place to manage content in more than one language. Crowdin has over 400+ apps, so you can connect your translation project to the tools your customers use and automate content updates.

The integration of Crowdin with Magento 2 makes it easy to translate Magento content. Set up integration once, define your localization workflow, and manage translations in less time, with no copy-pasting.