Translation Startup Gets Early Stage Support

Translation startup is among the nine companies that presented at the Entrepreneur First Demo Day. Claiming to streamline project management by getting rid of the middlemen agencies that broker translation work between clients and translators, Fluently is in Entrepreneur First’s six-month long program receiving early stage support from the startup incubator-cum-accelerator (that does not want to be identified as either).

Fluently claims to be on “a mission to fix translation.” The crux of their idea, of course, is not groundbreakingly new. Setlr has the same idea for quick projects. Gengo also uses the model but for a platform for crowdsourced, agency-free translation. When it comes to localization, Crowdin claims to have hit 500,000 users for its app and software localization focused platform. Even the biggest players have their own version.

Despite several other startups and a few large enterprises already in on the business model, Fluently appears confident in their technical abilities to create something better.

The startup offers a platform that connects clients and translators while also providing the infrastructure for security, workflow automation, and profile vetting, among other functions.

The Demo Day is part of Entrepreneur First’s program to support the nine startups that presented. Entrepreneur First supports chosen entrepreneurs by helping them through providing monthly stipends, finding co-founders, and helping develop startup ideas. They also offer £17,000 (USD26,200) pre-seed funding as well as provide the office space, legal, and administrative support and mentoring advice their chosen entrepreneurs need.

Featured image: Songquan Deng /