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Melbourne, Australia, October 6, 2021—Translationz ranks in the top 30 of global interpreting leaders by US-based research firm Nimdzi Insights. The 2021 Nimdzi Interpreting Index ranks the world’s largest interpreting companies to help the industry understand the scope and size of the interpreting services market.

Australian-owned Translationz has an eighteen-year history of serving Australia, Canada, and the United States providing language services including interpreting and translation to clients in healthcare, government, legal, business and conference industries. 

Demand for services includes onsite interpreting, video remote interpreting (VRI), telephone or over-the-phone interpreting (OPI), remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI), conference interpreting, sign language interpreting, and equipment rental for interpreting.

“We’re honoured to rank 30th in this year’s global index,” said Karen Hodgson, CEO and Managing Director of Translationz. “Our growth trajectory continued to accelerate over the past year, despite COVID-19 shutdowns having an impact on our clients and their service provision. We have returned to delivering onsite interpreting while still seeing increased demand for both video and telephone interpreting services. Translationz had a record-breaking year fueled by new client acquisitions and exceptional client retention. New clients try our services, and more importantly, return for more. “

Hodgson continues “I congratulate our interpreters, client services and operations staff for their service excellence. We are grateful to our clients who are a joy to service every day.” 

About Translationz

Translationz is among the fastest-growing language service providers worldwide. We’re a team of experienced interpreters who specialise in onsite, video, and phone interpreting for a range of government, healthcare, business and legal clients across Australia, Canada, and the United States and are headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. Translationz Team is passionate about finding solutions for cultural and linguistically diverse communities that require access to fundamental services, initiatives, and programs. Interpreter services include onsite (in person), OPI, VRI, and document translation 

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