Transline and DÜRR DENTAL: Process Reliability and MDR Compliance in 32 Languages

Transline Medtech Team

DÜRR DENTAL relies on process reliability for multilingual technical documentation and internationally used marketing texts. The language service provider Transline kills five birds with one stone with their individually configured solution.

(Reutlingen/Bietigheim-Bissingen, 2022-03-14) “With Transline’s integrative portal solution, we have significantly increased our process reliability by eliminating manual steps. At the same time, we benefit from shorter delivery times, improved quality, and cost savings for translations”, summarizes Dr. Martin Koch, Head of Technical Academy at DÜRR DENTAL SE. “The major benefit is that all steps and all corrections are documented clearly and in accordance with MDR.”

The DÜRR DENTAL Group is one of the leading companies in the field of dental medical technology with over 1,300 employees spread over 146 countries worldwide. As an internationally established company, DÜRR DENTAL is faced with the challenge of adapting its range of products and services to fully conform to the linguistic requirements of the target countries.

Straightforward implementation of demanding translation tasks

All technical documentation and marketing material at DÜRR DENTAL must be translated into a total of 32 languages. Country-specific linguistic and cultural factors must be taken into account, while legal hurdles such as conforming with the new EU Medical Devices Regulation (MDR) must be overcome. In the past, manual and decentralized projects made language management at DÜRR DENTAL time-consuming and expensive. On top of that, database potential was not being fully optimized and there was a complicated customer review workflow in foreign subsidiaries.

The Transline portal provides DÜRR DENTAL with a central platform for requesting quotations, creating orders, and fully managing and monitoring the translation workload. The solution incorporates a total of three individual translation databases that compare each new translation with previously translated texts in real time. This means that translations can be recycled to some extent, therefore eliminating unnecessary work, and reducing costs right from the automated quotation stage.

Innovative language technologies ensuring MDR compliance

DÜRR DENTAL also benefits from the Termflow terminology tool. The system, developed in-house by Transline, provides a uniform, MDR-compliant technical translation vocabulary that guarantees long-term and comprehensive consistency. As Termflow provides centralized, web-based access to the information, every employee at DÜRR DENTAL can now use the same definitions, images and graphics, thus preventing inconsistencies in the source texts. The use of clear technical language in the source text consequently speeds up the translation process and improves the quality of the target texts.

Transline also integrates the target country customer review directly into the workflow. Customer reviews and amendments to finished translations can be made directly in the source text’s original layout thanks to the TBlue® Visual Review tool. Not only does this simplify the process, but it also ensures contextual clarity in the review right from the very start. All corrections can be tracked at any time, thereby ensuring MDR compliance. The final text version is automatically saved in the translation memory where it remains permanently available.

The complete Transline and DÜRR DENTAL success study can be downloaded here.

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