TransLinguist – a Disruptive AI Driven Player in the Remote Interpreting Market

TransLinguist Press Release Image

TransLinguist has actively been working within the Language Services industry understanding key market trends within multilingual communication and fostered client relationships with multiple UN entities, NGOs, Governments and other International Organizations.

TransLinguist has launched a unique artificially intelligent product (SaaS) that bridges the communication gap between a global audience and accommodates remote interpretations of all types under one user-friendly solution.

What is TransLinguist Interactive?

TransLinguist Interactive is a first of its kind, remote multilingual events platform combining both Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) and Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) through one unified platform. We offer our clients a user management interface to schedule events of all nature and size by intelligently connecting vetted resources through our Marketplace of 30,000 certified interpreters.

Our RSI feature allows participants to stream a live event in their preferred language in real time, with the ability to use a set of core productivity tools including Artificial Intelligence powered Subtitles and Closed Captions, Screen Sharing, Sign Language Support, Recordings, In-Session Chat, Document Sharing and much more. Additionally, our VRI feature enables the use of our productivity tools and provides a seamless remote consecutive interpretation experience.

TransLinguist Interactive has broken the industry norm of focusing on a specific type of interpretation service and provides our clients the flexibility to schedule either simultaneous or consecutive interpretation requirements through our unified solution for both remote and onsite meetings. We are continuously innovating and are working towards introducing hybrid solutions and integrations with other conferencing platforms by Q3 this year. 

How Does It Assist Multilingual Communications?

TransLinguist Interactive aims to revolutionize multilingual communication by replacing proprietary hardware, expensive equipment, and lack of immediate assistance with an AI based conferencing platform that provides a cost-effective solution enabling borderless language flexibility in over 75+ languages.

We enable clients to seamlessly schedule their meetings or events through a sophisticated event scheduling dashboard that provides automated interpreter booking confirmations via our marketplace. Our solution provides clients with dedicated moderator access to liaise with speakers, participants, viewers and interpreters in addition to receiving a detailed analytical report post completion of each event.

About the Founder

Jawad Khan is an Imperial College London alumnus and an ex-Accenture Senior Manager with over 14+ years’ experience in delivering complex digitalization projects, target operating models, cost reduction & streamlining initiatives across a multitude of corporate clients globally.

Khan stated “In the digital era, physical borders should not impact businesses anymore. Any company large or small can go global and the secret of a successful international business lies in the quality of multilingual communication. The objective is to enhance global connectivity by breaking language barriers, therefore introducing a digital, streamlined and cost-effective communication approach.”

Sharing his thoughts about where the multilingual communications industry is headed, Khan strongly believes that remote communications is the new norm and will significantly reduce the demand for on-site interpretations moving forward. In addition, he predicted that the post pandemic business landscape will require a fusion of both remote and onsite interpretation that will take the industry by a storm.